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Last Saturday, 9/17/2016, I got an email about items on clearance and since I’m never one to pass up a good deal I looked on to see what they were offering. I found some cute leggings and a maxi skirt for less than twenty bucks, you can’t beat that!

Originally my items were supposed to be available for pick up from the store on Monday, 9/19/2016. I thought “Great, I can stop over after work!” By Monday afternoon my items were now scheduled for a Wednesday, 9/21/2016, pick-up. No big deal, it’s just a few extra days. I can still drop by and pick them up after work. Come Wednesday morning I get an email that my items will now be ready for pick up no later than Thursday, 9/29/2016.

Maybe it was just me, but at this point I’m not pleased. What is the issue? Read the rest of this entry


I truly hope you all enjoy #WaldoWednesday as much as I enjoy writing it each week.

This week I decided that in honor of International Day of Peace that I would find a quote to show that as human beings we’ve always, at any point in our history aspired for peace.


Right out of the gate….”Peace cannot be achieved through violence” and when you really think about that you have to agree that it rings true. When has violence or revenge ever resulted in peace and harmony? I know that in moments on anger we all want to react and inflict the same harm on others that we feel has been inflicted upon us but is that really the answer? When I’m upset I  do my best to step back and not spew out the anger words that I want to use to cause damage. The same should be done when thinking of committing violence against another. Do you feel good about yourself or the situation when you do harm? Does it solve anything?

“It can only be attained through understanding” What does it cost us to step back and try to look at a situation though someone else’s eyes? What would the world be like if we all stopped and acknowledged that through better understanding and communication that more problems could be solved? I understand the need to “make them pay”, I really do but I also think about it and who is really paying? The person or people that bought violence or the so many others that are just trying to live and provide for a family like so many of us do everyday.

I guess I’ll just leave you with what I believe. It is so much easier to hate than it is to love. Hate creates fear that incites violence. Love creates understanding that inspires peace.

I tried but just couldn’t……

I really didn’t want to write this post but I felt that I needed to because I usually only post reviews on books I’ve really enjoyed or at least liked enough.


Maybe you’ll see the books listed and like them enough to try them yourself or just take my opinion and not even try. The choice is yours! Read the rest of this entry

6 Months Old!!

Can you believe it!! Emerson is 6 months old!


She’s on the verge of crawling. she’s got two teeth in and the third just broke through the gum. She says, “mamamamamamama” when she’s upset, whiny or tired. When she sees me, her Daddy or Gigi she’s quick to say “Hey” in the sweet little voice that melts you’re heart.

It’s all going by fast quickly but in the same breath some days seem longer than others.

She’s got this laugh that makes your heart swell. It makes her whole body shake. When I sing to her she smiles at me with her toothy grin like I’m the greatest singer in the world. When she’s really excited she lets out the high-pitch squeal that will break glass but I love it!

I honestly never imagined that having a child would bring so much joy and wonder to my life. I think more than anything that it’s this specific child that does it for me. I can’t imagine her being anyone else. I ask myself daily how I got so lucky to be able to be her Mommy.



I’m so late today but real-life got in the way.

Without further ado….


This has been on my mind for some time. With religion being such a hot button issue and people saying and doing things in the name of religion I am reminded of this quote again and again. I think people often forget that religion isn’t to be used to judge others. Heinous acts and terrible words are used when neither is needed where religion is concerned. For those of us that don’t believe in organized religion it makes us approach those involved in in church with apprehension.

I have always felt that religion should be about love, acceptance and learning. Love everyone, especially those who are different than you. Accept that difference and learn to embrace it all.

Should I write a book and other ramblings….

I was talking with an author last night and this morning in my media group on Facebook. She gave some great advice on how and what to write about. She said to take what you’re passionate about and create your story from there. She said if she were to guess that JK Rowling was passionate about social injustice because of the theme in Harry Potter.


I never thought about any of this. I have just always tried to think of a story itself and go from there….I never get far. I’m horrible with detail and don’t always have the words I need to explain myself properly. I thought about it all night and kept coming back to something that I have always supported. Read the rest of this entry



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It took me some time to decide on what quote to use today. I was going through the collection I have gathered over the years and this particular quote kept coming back to me again and again. Maybe it’s because I needed to read it and really think on it.

My actions during the course of the day, the month, even the year show people the come into and out of my life exactly who I am regardless of the words that come from my mouth.

Those closest to me each day are affected by my actions more than by my words. What I do or don’t do for them speaks volumes. Am I indifferent to them? Do I treat them with kindest through my actions? The answer is yes to both but not every day. After all I am human and we are a selfish species, one that often thinks of ourselves before others.

For me anymore it all circles back to being a parent now. What is my child seeing in my actions? What impact am I having on her on a daily basis? What will she learn by watching me? I want to make smart choices, I want to show her that it is better to be kind but to also stand up for yourself. That you can do both and still be respected. So much of everything I do, think and feel is wrapped up in how I am teaching this new person. It’s very overwhelming and on some days can cause me to not be the best person. My actions show my impatience or anger despite my words of everything is fine.

I challenge each of you today to keep watch on your actions and see if they match yours words. Are you two different people co-existing in one body without realizing it? Do you say one thing but have your actions contradict you?

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Is it Wednesday again already!


I really like this quote. Just read it then sit there and and really think about it. “A great man is always willing to be little.”

To me this says that in order to become a better person, a more well rounded person that you must step from the spotlight and become the audience. You might now realize that you’re in that spotlight but when you shine brightly with ideas and have the voice to speak them it creates a spotlight.

I have recently encountered this in my work life. I was taught growing up that if we wanted to know something to look it up. I still carry that idea to this day so when I don’t know something I whip out my phone and head to Google to find the answers. I was told recently that this is perceived by some as being a “know-it-all” and that it is offensive to some. I was genuinely shocked! I had no idea that in wanting to learn more and spread that knowledge that I was making myself too large in this person’s eyes and needed to humble myself again. So I’ve taken to just sitting back and listening more. I store the need to want to know the answer away and research it on my own time. I no longer shout out the answer but wait for others to look to me before I speak. Is this a good thing? I’m not sure but to make my work life easier it is what I’ll do to promote peace and a happy work environment. I will be great by being little.



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I’ve come across this quote several times over the last few weeks so I think it was trying to tell me it wanted to be seen.

I sat and thought about this quote.

I realized that there are so many books that I’ve read that really have shaped who I am. There are books that I can remember the context of but not the name that circle in my mind and come to me at random times. There are books that I come back to year after year that I can recite that play like a movie in my head.

It doesn’t matter if I only read the book once or have read it a dozen times the words and stories have help shape my world. They’ve given me new perspectives and helped me open my mind to new circumstances and possibilities.

It can also be said that the food I’ve eaten as also made me who I am but that’s another story.

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