#FatShaming #ILoveTheSkinImIn

Why is there so much pressure on the female members of society to have unrealistic body types? Why is it ok to judge someone based on their pant size?

To some of you I might just seem like I’m rambling and maybe I am but these questions are always bouncing around in my head. I have personal experience in being made to feel like I’m not good enough because of the size of my thighs! My own father told me at the age of 13 that I should probably stop eating black olives if I wanted to keep my thighs the size they were then….I was so hurt. I called my mom and she ripped him a new one. He has never said anything like that again but to this day at the age of 33 I am always self-conscious around him because my health issues have made me larger than what he made me feel was acceptable.  Continue reading “#FatShaming #ILoveTheSkinImIn”



I’m SO behind the times!!!! How am I just now hearing this song and bouncing in my seat watching the video?!?! I’m so pleased I had to share…you’re welcome!






I’m going to review three books together because I read the series at neck-breaking speed. I was completely sucked into the world created by Vanessa Fewings and hope to inspire you all with my review into wanting to discover that world as well.

I discovered Vanessa’s series at a book convention I attended in April called The Novel Experience and I’m so glad I did.

The story begins with a young woman name Mia. She is innocent and pure in every sense of the word but also strong and determined after the tragedies she faced in her formative years. Working two jobs to pay for a sick step-mother’s medical bills is tough so it’s fate that her best-friends girlfriend has just left a job that pays more than both of her jobs combined. She interviews and is hired at an elite, exclusive BDSM establishment having no idea exactly what she’s in for in a world completely unknown to her.

Her innocence is what draws two powerful men to her like moths to a flame. Cameron Cole is one of the owners of Enthrall and he’s set his sights on making Mia into the perfect submissive for his best friend Richard Booth. He creates situations and scenarios to draw Richard to Mia knowing she can help save Richard from a past wrought with scandal. Cameron will do anything and everything for the people he cares for but can he resist the pull of Mia or will he destroy a lifelong friendship for love? Continue reading “#BookReview THE ENTHRALL SERIES BY VANESSA FEWINGS”


I have long been a supporter of the LGBT community and today I hope to see the SCOTUS take a stand and strike down these ridiculous bans on marriage due to gender. To me if any two consenting adults want to pledge themselves to each other in front of friends and family it should be legal in the eyes of the law. I refuse to listen to any of the garbage about it being a “sin” or “against GOD”. I find it arrogant for anyone who calls themselves a “Christian” to presume to know the will of GOD. I wish these hateful people would actually open a Bible instead of listening to what others tell them it says when really it’s only an interpretation of what the other believes.


I love Will Young!

I love, love love! this man and this song. The video to me is just amazing. I’m super sore that he just released a single in the UK and I can’t see it because it isn’t available in the US yet.