Hello World!

Holy crap I did it! I started a blog. Please hold your applause until the end 🙂

This has been a dream for me for some time and who knew I could achieve it for free?!?!

I guess you probably want to know a little about me. I’ve from Las Vegas, NV. Born and raised…..weird right. No I’ve never been a stripper, I don’t work in a casino and I don’t visit the strip unless I’m forced to by family or a book convention. I’m a HUGE Book Whore and run a page on Facebook dedicated to all Book Whores https://www.facebook.com/groups/ReadDirtyToMe/. That’s right whores, because it’s a cool word and I will flaunt my whore nature for all to see! I have a serious addiction to Dr. Who (David Tennant, I love you!) and watch it over and over again on Netflix. I blame Netflix for making it so damn easy to binge watch anything I can think of…..cough, cough, Top Gear, Sherlock.

I’ve been married to an awesome dude for 10 years and he’s been stuck with me for 15 years total. I love him more than is probably healthy but when someone gets you so well you smother them with love am I right…..do I hear crickets? We have a beautiful 13 year old cat, yep cat name Pliskin. He’s 19lbs of precious, man-loving fur and I adore him.

When not binge watching shows or smothering my husband I’m usually reading. I’m mostly a paranormal fan but will branch out just to keep it fresh. I hope to overload you with reviews so be prepared.

I guess that’s it for now but not for long!

With Love,



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