room by emma donoghue review

It’s hard to write this review because this book triggered so many emotions in me I don’t know where to start.

Jack was born to a loving mother in a box. Jack doesn’t know this box isn’t where all little boys and girls live. TV isn’t a person and neither is Light but they’re the only friends Jack as ever had. The only sunlight coming into his cage is a skylight that he and Mom tried to yell out of during the say. We only see this world through Jack’s eyes and it’s not always easy to understand the 5 yr old mind.

Jack’s mother is a victim of a kidnapping as a college Freshman. She’s created a world for Jack in the only way she knows how because he is her life. She won’t let the kidnapper near him and hides him away when the menace comes to rape her each night. Through Jack’s eyes you see his mothers strain as he ages. She’s scared, angry and determined to get her and Jack away from this man….no matter the cost. She will not let this man ruin the one good thing in her life as a prisoner.

Reading this book made me think of the headlines we see of young women kidnapped and found years later. The torment they suffered at the hands of a pervert and how they survive is a journey and a miracle of its own.

Emma Donoghue delved deep to create a true to life account of what life would be like to only know a shed for a home with a mother being your only companion. Her research must have broken her heart over and over but I am thankful to her for allowing me to understand more of what life is like for the victims that live…if you can call it that, in captivity and how they struggle to become whole again once free. I highly recommend this book. I couldn’t give too much away in this review without warping a story meant to be interpreted by each reader on their own.

Room By Emma Donoghue
Room By Emma Donoghue

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