I still can’t understand why this song caused such a shit storm for country music fans and radio stations. I can only assume it was the name of the song and not the words that caused said storm.

I personally love this song. Even if it had been about two women in love….WHO CARES! I won’t go crazy in this post and rant about how passionate I am about LGBT rights but be warned now I will in the future. I have been a supporter of the LGBT community for as long as I remember and will fight along-side my fellow human beings until the end of my days.


3 thoughts on “#GirlCrush

  1. Welcome to the blogging world! You are in good company. Progressive women who value equality are everywhere and we should give each other kudos more often. Don’t tell anyone, but I am an opinionated woman who has raised some hell in my day, see my blog at reasoncreek.com where I’ve archived some of it, but now I’ve decided to take over the world instead.

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    1. Thank you Nancy! I’ve never considered myself progressive but I sure do like the idea that comes to mind when thinking about it. You’re secret is safe with me πŸ™‚


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