Doctor Who and his T.A.R.D.I.S

Doctor-SelfieUntil the year 2011 I have never heard of Doctor Who (I know, how did I survive so long!) and wouldn’t have ever given it much thought except I worked with a few people that were always talking about how great he was and how you just had to watch it to get it. I was skeptical but I figure what the hell, why not. Let me tell you now, I was hooked as soon as the mannequin hand latched itself on to Rose’s face! I really liked this tall, big eared fella with a great smile and eyes that held so much.

I wanted to travel in time and space. I wanted to be a companion. I wanted it all! Even the broken heart when you watch a Doctor regenerate the first time. WHERE IS HE GOING! I was not going to like this tiny man in a sexy pin stripe suit, not after all the energy I put into the Fantastic man. But then he was Brilliant and I was smiling at my TV every he spoke. He “didn’t want to go” but sometimes you just have to say Geronimo and jump! Just hold onto to your eyebrows and enjoy yourself.

Each companion allows you to see the Doctor through their eyes. Whether it’s as a romantic interest, a love sick fool (sorry Martha!), your best friend, your family or someone you find impossible…you get to catch a glimpse of a man that is more than the faces he chooses. This is someone that has had to make decisions based on one day being alone again, which we all know he should never be for too long.

To those of us that watch the episodes, Christmas specials and movies The Doctor is an inspiration. He believes in equality. He sees past and present and tries to steer humanity to the proper direction when possible. He has faith in us as a species and some days even I don’t have that. The Doctor makes you think outside of yourself and the small space you occupy. To see the world and beyond and the impression you leave without even realizing it.

If you have not yet discovered The Doctor, his T.A.R.D.I.S, Gallifrey I recommend you spend an evening with someone you love and Netflix. You won’t regret it, I only ask that you pay it forward and spread the word.

**Disclaimer: I only referenced NuWho because I have yet to go back and watch the original Doctor series but have faith. I also didn’t get as in depth regarding episodes but I refuse to spoil it, plus I can only put out so much crazy at once 🙂


2 thoughts on “Doctor Who and his T.A.R.D.I.S

  1. I have been watching The Doctor since his fourth incarnation and saw lots of the third in soon after reruns. The years after Sylvester McCoy and before the regeneration of the series this millennium were difficult ones for me. Welcome to the Whovian Fold.

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