Book Review: You Own Me – By Mary Catherine Gebhard



Meet Lennox (awesome name by the way!). She’s just moved from Seattle to Santa Barbara to escape a dangerous and violent ex-boyfriend. She is alone in a new place for the first time and also dealing with how her ex’s behavior affected her own mental illness. Lennox is also Bi-polar and questions every thought and move, not knowing if it’s really what she should think or if it’s her illness steering her wrong. Personally if that’s the way her mind works and that’s a disease then in all seriousness I need to talk to my doctor. Reading this book I felt like I was just talking to myself inside my head.

Lennox is a strong woman. I like that the author didn’t make the entire book all about how mental illness is everything when you have it. Yes she is bi-polar but she is also incredibly smart, capable and passionate. She feels with her entire self and that made her very real to me.

Vic Wall, landlord, Adonis and occasional asshat. He pushes her buttons and calms her storm but she struggles with her feelings regarding him. He also struggles as well. He’s a manly man, he works in a dangerous profession and Lennox somehow crawled inside him on day one and never left. They’re both very combustible people and know exactly how to set the other person off. Vic is a man with a past as well. He has anger issues he has never had to put in check and hasn’t wanted to either. With Lennox he wants more than he ever has but is he willing to make room in his life for intimacy? Vic cares about Lenny in a way that is new and foreign to him but is it healthy for either of them?

I like how the author never really gives a full description of the protagonist. We know she has blue eyes but she herself tells you how she’s changed her hair color to fit herself at the time so it’s almost like we can make ourselves Lennox while we take a glimpse into her world.

Lennox also makes it a point in her new city to make friends. Did being so closed off during her relationship with her ex made it easier for the abuse? It also left her very alone when she needed support the most.

I found myself laughing and grinning at many points in the book despite the serious subject matter. I loved that Lenny would make references to shows like Friends and Scrubs. It made her and the book more related. It was like “Hey! I love those shows and I know exactly what she’s referencing!” I also loved the fact that all of the characters are tech-savvy. I really get annoyed reading a book based in the present and having the main character(s) act like computers are some strange device they just can’t get a grasp on. If my 80 year old grandmother can get on facebook I think a 20/30 something can manage a smartphone and email.

I should also mention that I was NOT expecting the hawtness of the sex scenes in this book AT ALL!! I wasn’t expecting any sex scenes really. I’m telling you know it was hard to touch the page to turn it with all the fire exploding off the pages. The chemistry between Lennox and Vic is hands down some of the steamiest stuff I’ve ever read. My heart was definitely beating and I know I had the stupid shit eating grin the entire time I read the scene.

I really loved this book and will wait impatiently for Mary Catherine to write more and devour that book as well. I love Lennox and Vic. They are real people with real issues any couple or even people can face. This isn’t your cookie-cutter book at all. It’s raw, real and fresh. Mary Catherine has broken the mold on how a “romance” if you will should be written. The dialogue in the book between the characters is enough to make this one of the best books I’ve ever read but it’s Mary Catherine’s style that makes it a book I will read again and again for many years. Now if we can just get her to write us a story about Vic in general………I’m so curious about him!

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