1. The Fever Series: Karen Marie Moning created an amazing world with this series. There is action, suspense, romance, drama, and comedy. You follow the story from MacKayla Lane’s POV for the first 5 books with the 6th book being from the POV of another fan favorite character. This series can be read by men and women alike with no shame people. I push this series on every person I meet so it’s only fair to push it here as well. I can’t even tell you what genre this series belongs in even though it has been put into romance. I feel like that narrows the audience for the series personally. The 6th book came out this past January and all of her fans, known as Moning Maniacs wait with breathless anticipation. **Beware of spoilers in the link I attached to the name 🙂

  1. Summer Sisters: I had no idea until I found this book that Judy Blume wrote books for adults. Summer Sisters is a book that makes you laugh, cry and call your best friend multiple times just to let her/him know how much you appreciate them. The two main characters aren’t people you would expect to be friends and each has a feeling of longing and jealousy for the other’s life while also maintaining a fierce loyalty to the each other and the friendship. You follow these girls from grade school through adulthood and witness just how strong their connection is when faced with new challenges as they get older and become different people. I personally read this book every summer. I just saw that they may make a movie and I don’t know if I should be excited or super pissed.
  1. The Ocean At The End Of The Lane: Two Words NEIL GAIMAN! I don’t know that there is a man more talented on this planet (notice I said man only). The magically story he weaves in this book is unlike anything I have ever read. We meet a man that is back in his hometown and sort of down about how his life has turned out. He takes you back to a time in his life when he honestly remembers being happiest. You meet the mysterious yet open family that he finds at the end of the lane and learn that what you think is fantasy is real, that as we grow into adults we forget the lessons we learned about the things that go bump in the night. I listen to this on audiobook and I highly recommend you do the same. Mr. Gaiman narrates the book himself and can I just tell you, his voice is hypnotic. I was in the book the entire time!
  1. The Kashmir Shawl: Rosie Thomas takes you back in time to India before and during WW1. You travel along with a missionary’s wife as she learns this fascinating culture so unlike her own. The journey is interspersed with the current life of the grand-daughter trying to find her way to India to discover the story behind the shawl and her great grandmother. I was never bored reading this book and would never have actually picked it up. I had challenged myself to read outside my box and what could be more unlike me than missionaries. I make no secret about not believing in the church but I absolutely respect the people that find peace within their faith. The author keeps you guessing until the very end. Each time you think you know where the story is headed….BAM! Wrong turn!
  1. The Crossfire Series: I was on a real naughty kick when I found this series. I was fresh off of Fifty Shades and finishing Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty Trilogy when I was suggested this book by a great friend. I fell in love immediately! I was sucked into the lives of Gideon and Eva from page 1. I loved reading about two broken people and how they struggled to feel love and acceptance from someone as damaged as themselves, how the power of their feelings made them both at times ugly people. The series isn’t over yet, I finished book 4 in like a day and am impatiently waiting for book 5. I still wonder each day what is going on in their lives, how much have they learned from each other? If they’re still wanting/willing to fight for their relationship. The spin on the BDSM is so very different from FSOG and more real to me. Had I read this series first I would never have read FSOG.

If you want to talk more about books or just post book memes with other Book Whores come join me and the rest of us here!



  1. LizaJane – saw you on the community pool. I write on books and wanderings. Love the look and adore this post. My only suggestion would be to parse it into 2 parts (I & II) to give yourself some breathing room. It’s hard feeling like you have to post with something substantial. Earlier this season I held some drafts on upcoming page-to-TV events to make them more time sensitive. While I wrote them at the same time, it really was nice to have posts in the can. Take agenda at what I’m up to at http://www.findingmywings.com.

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