I’m going to review three books together because I read the series at neck-breaking speed. I was completely sucked into the world created by Vanessa Fewings and hope to inspire you all with my review into wanting to discover that world as well.

I discovered Vanessa’s series at a book convention I attended in April called The Novel Experience and I’m so glad I did.

The story begins with a young woman name Mia. She is innocent and pure in every sense of the word but also strong and determined after the tragedies she faced in her formative years. Working two jobs to pay for a sick step-mother’s medical bills is tough so it’s fate that her best-friends girlfriend has just left a job that pays more than both of her jobs combined. She interviews and is hired at an elite, exclusive BDSM establishment having no idea exactly what she’s in for in a world completely unknown to her.

Her innocence is what draws two powerful men to her like moths to a flame. Cameron Cole is one of the owners of Enthrall and he’s set his sights on making Mia into the perfect submissive for his best friend Richard Booth. He creates situations and scenarios to draw Richard to Mia knowing she can help save Richard from a past wrought with scandal. Cameron will do anything and everything for the people he cares for but can he resist the pull of Mia or will he destroy a lifelong friendship for love?

I was enthralled with this series in the first 5 pages. I inhaled the story and was thinking about it when I wasn’t reading it. There are so many books and series out there regarding the BDSM lifestyle and they seem to fixate on the domination of another person and this series did the opposite. I mean sure there were instances where the submissives were given lessons but everyone involved was a consenting adult and made decision to be involved in this lifestyle. I feel like I learned more about what is it to live the BDSM lifestyle in this series. It wasn’t about degrading and abusing women to man feel superior, it was about pushing limits and creating stronger, more self-assured people who WANT to submit to someone. I can relate to that as I’m sure many can. We are all so busy trying to control all that goes on around us that there is an appeal to relinquish that control and to trust someone to push your limits to calm the storm inside you.

The series is erotic from beginning to end with suspense, danger and romance mixed in at every turn. I loved the women Mia worked with at Enthrall. You get to meet Mistress Penny, Mistress Scarlett and Mistress Lotte and you get to interact with them more than just as background filler. Each woman cares for Mia and embraces her not only at Enthrall but in their hearts as well. I personally loved Mistress Lotte the most; I would want her as my confidant and friend. Mistress Scarlett is too vague for my taste but I do respect her and what she brings to the table. I guess Mistress Penny was the most unforgettable to me because I can’t recall much about her in terms of where she really stood within the pages of the series.

The men in this series are Alpha Male to the fullest extent. Cameron is so smart, loving and charitable. He’s got more money than a bank and could care less. He uses he status to help others and bring happiness and closure to everyone he can in hopes of making up for a past mistake that destroyed someone close to him in more ways than one.  He can be egotistical but it’s expected. He is generous beyond measure and makes you wonder if someone like him really does exist outside the pages of this series.

Richard is a trust-fund baby plagued by a family scandal and can be an ass. He does have a sweet disposition when he isn’t having a temper tantrum. He got on my nerves more than once but I did understand where the rage came from and why he was quick to use it as a shield. Richard is a thrill seeker in every sense of the word and can be extremely callous and arrogant. You can smell money on him a mile away. He also has a big-heart, he just needs to use it more.

I would recommend this series to anyone looking to read an erotic, physiological series that is more than meets the eye. This is not your typical BDSM story and it opens the mind, to me, a better understanding of a lifestyle often made to look cheap and tawdry.


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