#FatShaming #ILoveTheSkinImIn

Why is there so much pressure on the female members of society to have unrealistic body types? Why is it ok to judge someone based on their pant size?

To some of you I might just seem like I’m rambling and maybe I am but these questions are always bouncing around in my head. I have personal experience in being made to feel like I’m not good enough because of the size of my thighs! My own father told me at the age of 13 that I should probably stop eating black olives if I wanted to keep my thighs the size they were then….I was so hurt. I called my mom and she ripped him a new one. He has never said anything like that again but to this day at the age of 33 I am always self-conscious around him because my health issues have made me larger than what he made me feel was acceptable. 

We are raising a generation of young women and men to only believe the one size is the right size and that size better include a thigh gap. I don’t get all the focus on that damn gap.

What is shameful about being made with curves or not having any at all? I like seeing the variety of people and bodies as I go about my day. If we all looked the same it would not only be extremely boring but also make me wonder if we were all clones.

The female body is beautiful; it provides a place for a new person to grow, then it can feed said new person.

What makes it worse are the fashion magazines using photoshop like nobody’s business, commentators and journalist on TV devoting entire segments to how fat someone looked in an outfit and everyday trolls on the internet. Seeking people out to make them feel bad about themselves makes you an asshole.


You can never tell by looking at someone who isn’t your ideal body size why they are the size they are and it shouldn’t matter because you shouldn’t base you opinion of them on the shape of their body. Not every “fat” person is lazy. There are people with real health issues that sometimes literally stop their metabolism (I’m talking to you Hypothyroid!).  There are also cardiac, urinary, neurologic, and respiratory systems issues that can cause a person to be heavier than society deems acceptable. The same goes for being under-weight.

When you fat shame someone you aren’t doing it out of concern for someone, you’re being a bully and you’re teaching the next generation that it’s ok to bully and degrade someone based on appearance. I’m sure as a bully you’re already insecure about something but instead of spreading that toxic attitude try being a decent human being.

I know I personally look at someone and always find one redeeming quality. I’m that annoying person in the office that will compliment everyone to boost their self-esteem. When you can help someone feel more confident you change that person’s entire day.

The moral of the story is that the next time you feel the need to make a comment to someone or about someone based on their weight think about how you would feel if your flaws were used as a weapon against you.


7 thoughts on “#FatShaming #ILoveTheSkinImIn

  1. Amen and we’ll stated. As another hypo gal I can fully understand. Everyone has some kind of personal travail and they are hidden from view. Don’t judge me based on how I look but by how I treat people, animals, the less fortunate.

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  2. It never ceases amazes me how horrible the media is toward women. We are forced to swallow the beauty lies magazines and Hollywood constantly throw in our face. We should all be flawless and cellulite free. Being a size 14 somehow makes me less of a person than if I was a size 0. And this garbage extends far beyond just body shaming.
    – If we are strong, independent and career focused gals, we are told to go back to the kitchen and bake something.
    – We are shamed for having too many kids or to few.
    -Our pay is STILL not equal to mens.
    – We are forced to pay more for beauty products and clothing items than men.

    The list goes on and on. In the eyes of the world, we are viewed as objects not people. Constantly told what we should look like, and if we aren’t skinny enough, sexy enough or conservative enough, then we should be ashamed of ourselves. No wonder so many women have self esteem issues.

    Forget the zombie apocalypse. If the world had it’s way, we’d all be the Stepford Wives.

    This concludes today’s Angry Bear rant.

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      1. Very true. I make it a point in my personal life to remind the women around me that they are beautiful because of their minds and how they contribute to the world. Being a good person makes someone beautiful regardless of size.

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