Pliskin is back this week and boy what an attitude! He was jealous the last two weeks about seeing other kitties being posted and now he doesn’t feel like posing….sheesh!

Help me piss him off more by submitting your photos of your dogs or cats for #FerociousFelineFriday and #TailWaggingTuesday! You can find me on Facebook by clicking HERE. Don’t let this beast scare you 🙂

Ferocious Feline Friday 11


Spotlight Author – Beth Teliho

I’m going to tell you about a book that has it all.

Mysteries based on Historical fact.

Characters with Paranormal abilities.

A plot that delves into the Fantastical.

Just enough angsty Romance to make you squirm.

An Adventurous journey with twists and turns.

Ghosts and Spirits

Family Relationships



Religion and Philosophy


Ancient Culture 


Legends and Mythology



Metaphysical and Visionary



Intrigued? Continue reading “Spotlight Author – Beth Teliho”

Music That Makes Me Smile

I chose the video I did today because it reminded me of my husband. There have been so many times over our 15 years together that he has stepped outside his comfort zone to support me and for that I will always be eternally grateful. I love him more and more each day for the person he was when we met and the person he will become that I haven’t met yet.

Being able to marry my best friend and still have him be my best friend is truly a gift. We choose everyday to love each other which isn’t always isn’t. We’re both stubborn assholes from time to time but at the end of the day I can’t imagine any other person I would want to share my life with. Thank you baby for capturing and holding my heart all these years ❤

#TailWaggingTuesday! Meet Delilah

Delilah is 3 years old, and has the special privilege of having a Mommy, Momma, and a Mummie. She was rescued as a puppy by Mia and Courtney where she was raised to be a sweet loving little lady. Now she shares her time between Courtney’s (Mommy) house and Mia (Momma) and Katina’s (Mummie) house where she is equally loved and spoiled. Delilah can’t say no to a cookie! She has a vast array of furry friends including her boys Mosby and Wheatley, and her step brother Izea.. She loves to spend her time leading the boys around and being Queen Bee. She is the ruler of the land wherever she goes and all of her mom’s make sure she knows it! Continue reading “#TailWaggingTuesday! Meet Delilah”

New Facebook Avatar!

I was tired of the picture of books I had for the profile picture and I didn’t want to use my face, I didn’t want to confuse people. I found this really great site that was free and easy to use, avachara.com

Isn’t she cute! The head-shot is the perfect size for profile dimension with no cropping needed. I recommend giving the site a try, the avatars are endless with so many design features to choose from with a simple click of the mouse.