Why Voting Matters


Having read the article below my heart goes out to the people in Missouri this will affect, especially the children but at the same time I feel like this is what happens when you don’t ‪#‎VOTE‬. When you choose to not vote because you think your vote doesn’t matter or you want to make a point, the people elected into office are not working for the majority of constituents, they’re working for the minority that voted or for their corporate donors.

Missouri Senate Overrides Veto Of Welfare Restrictions Bill

I find it very alarming that so many conservative politicians feel the need to attack and punish the poor. It is not entitlement to receive public assistance when you need it, you pay taxes as a citizen that help fund such programs. When there are families in this country that have parents working full time and still not being able to put food on the table or clothes on the backs of their children without applying for welfare we need to look for a solution and not create a bigger problem. For many the recession has not ended despite reports on the news that tell us differently. But I can’t completely blame the politicians either, I have to place blame with people that don’t vote in local or national elections. When you don’t make your voice be heard you become complacent in keeping yourself silent.

When you vote you also speak for the children that depend on the adults in society to care for them and protect them. Voting isn’t something that should be seen as a chore, by placing your vote you’re telling the people running for office what you want in an elected official. When you make the choice to not vote you’re also letting them know you don’t think you matter and that they know better than you how your country is supposed to be run. The next time you tell yourself it doesn’t matter because the same people get elected over and over think about all the other people thinking the same way, you’re allowing the same person to be elected again because you are unwilling to help make a change.

What is happening is Missouri is only the beginning in my opinion. In the same way that things change for the better they can also change for the worse when we choose to stay silent. I challenge every adult in this nation to register to vote and actually follow through; vote in all the elections in your district, state and country. Prove you care about this country and the future generations that will suffer more than you do now because our your actions now. Believe in yourself, you matter! Your voice matters! 


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