My #Resume, Come Judge Me

So I thought this was a strange idea but I’ve seen it done on other blogs and mentioned on social media outlets so I figured what the hell, why not. I’m going to open myself to criticism and critique on this post.

I’m going to post my resume and I want to know, would you hire me? What you change about my resume? What are my strengths and weaknesses? Am I downplaying myself too much or making myself seem more than I am? You be the judge.

DISCLOSURE: Formatting is not working with me in regards to the dates but I assure you the actually document is formatted correctly.

Ambitious and responsible worker eager to begin an entry level position where I can utilize my organizational and time-management skills to help the company meet and exceed goals.


Freeman, Las Vegas, NV                                                                                                                                               March 2014 – Present

Purchasing Clerk

  • Data Entry and audit of inventory usage for multiple departments.
  • Scanning of purchasing and work order documents onto the internal company drive.
  • Delivery of pay receipts to Union and Non-Union employees.
  • Generating of Purchase Requisitions using SAP software.
  • Generate monthly material usage reports using Microsoft Access.

Global Experience Specialists, Las Vegas, NV                                                                                       April 2010 – February 2014

Worked Various Departments within Global Experience Specialists:

National Kit Adminstrator

  • Primary responsibility was to create and modify Exhibitor Services Manuals for the New Orleans and Orlando region using Adobe Livecycle and Nexprise to handle my workload.
  • Created TSE only mini kits for multiple hotels in Orlando.
  • Working with Account Managers to ensure a quality manual for client and exhibitor satisfaction.
  • Used Expresso administration rights to create a live ordering site for exhibitors.
  • Started the Kit Administration standard operating manual for the Livecycle program.
  • Assisted in proofing PDF manuals and live Expresso site for quality assurance.
  • Was backup for the Las Vegas region as well as New York, Washington DC and Atlanta.

Exhibitor Services Associate

  • Provided pre-show audit of manuals and creation of reference guide for Order Entry department.
  • Communicated with city offices regarding high-profile show to ensure the least amount of service disruption to the exhibitor. Provide a point of contact for Order Entry staff and cities.
  • Continually updated the department supervisor and lead on pricing issues and city requests.
  • Established partnership with Kit Admin staff providing open communication regarding manual issues.
  • Assisted the Order Entry department Lead with daily department goals and also assist the NSC team with questions and training.
  • Volunteered for Showsite experience to utilize my skills and continuing to learn procedures that benefit my department and GES which includes but is not limited to traveling to Los Angeles and Chicago to support the staff and exhibitors for high priority shows.

Operations Coordinator

  • Entered and audited electrical orders for conventions at the main office and at show-site using Oracle based CORE system.
  • Communicated with exhibitors via phone, email and fax inquiring about electrical services utilized during convention dates.
  • Updated exhibitor call log and labor log on excel spreadsheet.
  • Printed Labor and Work Tickets for specified show to be distributed to electricians at show-site per exhibitor specifications.
  • Coordinated with Operation Managers on daily progress of exhibitors for upcoming GES events.

National Sports Services IGC Inc. Las Vegas, NV                                                                                                March  2001 – November 2007

Assistant Customer Service Manager

  • Maintained sales commission balancing for sales payroll.
  • Talking to others to convey information effectively.
  • Responsible for Customer Service bi-weekly payroll.
  • Scheduled Customer Service and Shipping Department.
  • Ran credit credits for sales floor through online banking system and company data base.
  • Interviewing, hiring/firing, scheduling, assigning job duties, giving written evaluations, motivating and supervising 4 Customer Service Representatives.
  • Training personnel in phone answering and sales skills, lead and message taking procedures, product knowledge, database maintenance and various computer data entry projects; Reviewing, researching and analyzing hourly calls.
  • Utilizing computer system with Windows 2000 and Excel Software to calculate labor costs and commissions, create Product Receipt and Product Explanation Letters, Monthly Internet and other Reports.
  • Created customer sales receipts and signatures letters.
  • Utilized data entry skills for customer sales and inquiries.

Skills and Abilities

Word, Excel, Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/Windows 8, 50 – 65 WPM, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Data Entry 10 key – 8934KPH, Data Entry Alpha Numeric – 8205KPH, multi-tasking, basic math skills, cash handling, QuickBooks, Oracle, TruCentrix, Nexprise SAP, and intermediate office equipment operation.


Basic High School 2000 Graduate

Licenses and Certifications:

Certified CPR AED TC ID # CA20344

Course Training in How To Be an Effective Supervisor 2006

Accomplishments and Recognition

Certificate of Appreciation 2011

Employee of the Month – NSC November 2011


7 thoughts on “My #Resume, Come Judge Me

  1. I think it’s risky to do this because the only opinions that should be actionable are by people who hire now or who have ever hired more than once in organizations. Everyone has an opinion but not everyone’s opinion is going to be helpful, as I learned years ago as a corporate writer. Having said that, I’ll respond–As a former high tech exec who has hired way too many people in her life I saw two things that you might want to look at. It’s helpful to have a one line description of what each company does so they know your industry experience. Also you use a lot of lingo and acronyms that people might not understand. If you can clarify so someone unfamiliar with the organization has a better idea of what the task was, better. Also, if there are any accomplishments you can quantify–increased something by x percent, those are always good. Best of luck!

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  2. Liz,
    Having read and helped the Hub s on his resume for the last few years here are some pointers.

    One page only. Show how you increased profit/ time saved/ met a company goal. Taking to others to communicate effectively can be changed to read maintained effective interdepartmental communications.
    Spell out your acronyms.

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      1. I took the hubs and changed his full sentences to succinct descriptions. He has 35 yrs worth of work and loads of degrees and certifications down to two pages. I can email you one so you can see it.

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  3. I think the one-page mandate for resumes is a little outdated and sometimes unnecessary. About the acronyms, I *kind of* agree but then I don’t. With the prevalence of internet search-engines and almost everyone and their grandmother tinkering around online, anyone with an ounce of curiosity about something can Google an acronym and, more often than not, find a viable answer.

    Good luck in your search! 🙂

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