One of the things I learned from really taking a look back at my memoir was that I learned how to capitalize on my leadership skills. All the experiences I had and the obstacles I had to overcome led me to know that I wanted to be a courageous leader.  The type of leader who was wiling to take risks; the type of leader who was willing to step out and ask for the success that I had worked for and deserved.
Henry Drummond said, “Unless a man undertakes more than he possibly can do, he will never do all that he can do”.

I choose to develop a strategy to lead.  I wanted to do all that I could do.  I had to be better than average, better than functional.  The first strategy was personal development.  I had to evaluate my education and experience.  I knew that the success I wanted required that I get more education so I went back to school to get my degree.  I capitalized on my experience by making sure to include all the skills I had learned over the years in my resume.

Next, I had to understand my leadership style.  What kind of leader did I want to be?  I had to ask myself if I could influence, motivate, inspire, or increase enthusiasm in others.  These are the characteristics that I admired in leaders and these are the characteristics I wanted to display in my role as a leader.

Next, was to do an honest assessment of my abilities and goals.  Where was I in this process?  What goals haven’t I fulfilled?  What or who was keeping me from achieving these goals?  If it was me, then what did I need to do to move forward.  I needed to be clear with what I wanted.  I knew I might have to confront some uncomfortable truths along the way to get where I needed to be, but my success as a courageous leader was worth a little discomfort.

As a courageous leader, I needed to know that there was nothing that I couldn’t do.

I had to make sure I felt empowered to accomplish the goals I set.  It was important not to put any limits on myself.

I wanted to be the one who also influences others to achieve goals

I wanted to be the kind of leader who leads by example

I wanted to rally as many people as possible to a better future

I wanted to be the kind of leader who inspires, motivates and increases

enthusiasm in others.

I also knew that it was important to be the kind of leader who

Has a passion for action

Remains focused on the goal

Helps others to succeed

Achieves personal excellence

Be willing to risk it all

I continued on because I didn’t want to be the person sitting around saying, “What if I had done this,” or “what if I had done that.”   A life coach once said it is better to “fear regret more than you regret failure”.

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Memoir Synopsis

Raised by a grandmother who believed the only available professional jobs for a Black American women in the 1960’s were nursing and teaching.  Audrey Snyder grew up feeling restricted in her own home.  Audrey, however, had inherited the grit and determination of her great Cherokee grandmother, who had accomplished the impossible by traveling, unescorted over 1300 miles in a covered wagon filled with orphaned Cherokee children.

Worth the Climb tells Audrey’s remarkable story of struggle and success in corporate America.  Leaving home at a young age, Audrey moved from secretary to prominent business success in the face of racism and discrimination.  Throughout her 40- year struggle, Audrey pushed away anger, bitterness, and despair, clinging instead to excellence, perseverance, and the need to open doors for Black Americans who would follow.

Worth the Climb is a must read for anyone looking to move forward in spite of pitfalls and disappointments.

Audrey Bio Pic 2Audrey Jane Snyder is retired after working in the corporate environment for 40+ years in the fields of human resource management and customer service.  She has also been an independent consultant specializing in on-line web based training of interpersonal skills for first line managers.  Audrey holds a BA in Business Communications and a Masters in Training and Development.  Audrey is a member of Western Pennsylvania Initiative, Greater Pittsburgh Area Communications and National Black Public Relations Society, Inc. and PennWriters Inc., The Pittsburgh East Writer’s Group.   Audrey has also served on the board of Family Resources, Inc.  Audrey has spoken as an expert at Budget Financial Seminars and recently was Keynote Speaker on Courageous Leadership- Owning your Own Success at the National Black MBA Gala.   Audrey is currently an Adjunct Professor at DeVry University.

Audrey was born and raised in the Pittsburgh, PA area lives with her husband of 44 years.  She has two adult children and two grandchildren.    This is her first book which one finalist position at the Pittsburgh Author Zone Awards.

Want to know more about Audrey?

Book cover2

Check out her website at www.audreyjsnyder.com

Follow her on TWITTER!

Or just send her an email telling her how inspiring she is to all women  audreysnyder33@hotmail.com



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