I’m not sure if this is a nationwide thing or just something that we’re lucky enough to experience in Nevada only but everyday I’m seeing more and more vehicles with no registration.


I use the image above because I live in a complex where I have seen the same car for over a year with Washington plates that expired in July 2014 so it seems apt. There is also another car from California that has expired plates from September of 2014. Both woman have claimed that lack the funds to register the cars in state. I find that hard to believe. I have a household where money is extremely tight but we know each year to budget the money for smog and registration.

Here in NV car registration is extremely expensive and the system could use an overhaul but that isn’t an excuse. If you can afford to move here, you can afford to register your car here. It is perceived to me as a blatant slap in the face as a resident of Nevada.


Maybe this shouldn’t bother me but it does, it tells me that the people driving the vehicle has no car insurance. Heaven forbid they’re in an accident, they have no insurance so if they’re at fault they can be sued for all damages. That means they could go bankrupt paying for the other drivers medical bills, car repair, loss of wages, etc when if they had registered they’re car they would have insurance and that would be covered under the policy.

It also annoys me because I was pulled over one day after my stickers expired. I was waiting for the others to come in the mail and sure enough they did that afternoon but I was seen right away by a police officer. I didn’t get a ticket, I had proof of registration so it was fine but where the heck are these cops when I see 5-10 cars on the way home with no plates or expired plates. It seems even worst to me when the plates are out of state. If you choose to move to a new state do some damn research. You know you have to register your car so……WTF?

There is a website in Nevada where you can turn in the people doing this and I have….HERE but as of today the program has been suspended for review by the *2015 Legislature. I don’t care if you think I’m a narc or snitch. I only have one thing to say to that…..GROW UP

Rant over, no applause needed. *Takes a bow*

*I tried looking up a review for the suspension and found nothing so if you do let me know.


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