#TailWaggingTuesday! Meet Delilah

Delilah is 3 years old, and has the special privilege of having a Mommy, Momma, and a Mummie. She was rescued as a puppy by Mia and Courtney where she was raised to be a sweet loving little lady. Now she shares her time between Courtney’s (Mommy) house and Mia (Momma) and Katina’s (Mummie) house where she is equally loved and spoiled. Delilah can’t say no to a cookie! She has a vast array of furry friends including her boys Mosby and Wheatley, and her step brother Izea.. She loves to spend her time leading the boys around and being Queen Bee. She is the ruler of the land wherever she goes and all of her mom’s make sure she knows it!TWT #7 DelilahTWT #5 DelilahTWT #4 DelilahTWT #6 Delilah


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