10 Signs You Grew Up in Las Vegas

I thought it might be fun to do my own list of random things that seem completely Vegas Native to me. It was kind of a struggle to come up with this list because I have lived in Las Vegas my entire life and these things seem normal to me. Not having them is what’s weird!! Continue reading “10 Signs You Grew Up in Las Vegas”


Sunday Only Sale!! Crown of Smoke by Snowa Fox!!

Sunday only Crown of Smoke will be 99cents on Amazon and free on KindleUnlimited!
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#LoveWon – June 26, 2015

I wanted to post so badly yesterday and couldn’t do due work restraints but I have time this morning to state how happy and excited I am that the SCOTUS made the right decision yesterday and made marriage available in all 50 states.

I’m not ashamed to say I started crying tears of join then the breaking news hit my phone. I wanted to run down the street shouting my joy. I have always been a huge supporter and my heart is just bursting seeing the rest of the union finally accept what should have always been.


Random Post

So I thought it might be fun for my followers to see my real life work desk. I just moved to it and a new department part time and I love it! I even have a window!!!

And of course no desktop screen would be complete without Doctor Who. My goal this year is to actually collect some Doctor Who stuff. How can I be a fan with no swag?!?!?


#BookReview – Grey by E. J. James – Guest Review by Shay

SOOOOO…. Let me start by telling you that I loved.. yes LOVED.. past tense.. FSoG when I first read the series… I heard about this “Mommy Porn” and was super curious.. and devoured the book in three days… I don’t remember sleeping.. I do remember coffee… but I LOVED them.. they spoke to the feisty female in me…

Since then I have tried to go back and re-read the series and decided that Anastasia’s inner goddess and my inner goddess do not like each other… Continue reading “#BookReview – Grey by E. J. James – Guest Review by Shay”