#BookReview – Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan


I was recommended this book by my book whore sister from another mother. She kept telling me “JUST READ IT DAMMIT” and finally after dragging my feet, reading other books for indie authors and in general just procrastinating……I read it!

The first few chapters don’t tie in well together but hey the author needed to create the background for the story so I get it. I was able to figure it out by chapter 3, how the story was working. Despite the rocky start I was hooked from page one. You don’t often see a love story start with physical abuse or the mention of it. At least I’ve never read a story like that myself.

You meet the main male lead, Archer Hale, as a young, sweet boy. He’s in his living room trying to be quiet so his mommy can sleep. His daddy came home drunk again and smack her around, accusing her of the very things he himself was out doing that very day/night. Archer is a sweet little boy who loves his mommy and wants her to leave his daddy so she can be happy. It confuses him that the person that makes her happy is his Uncle Connor but he’s doesn’t care, as long as she’s happy.


Bree Prescott is introduced as she pulls into a cottage community looking to escape her life in Ohio after yet another tragedy hits her, causing her to want to run from it all. A new place, a fresh start to help her come to terms with everything. She isn’t in Maine to find romance; she’s there to find out who she is now that she’s all that’s left of her family.


When Bree interacts with Archer the first time it’s awkward, funny and perfectly embarrassing….for Bree. We’ve all had that bag of groceries that splits open when we’re almost to our cars but I’ve never had almond joys and tampons decorate the parking lot. I really laughed out loud at the picture the author created with her words. I could see the tampons and candy rolling to a stop at Archer’s feet and Bree babbling to hide her ever-reddening face.  This is just one of the classy moments sprinkled throughout the book that makes these characters come to life.

We learn that Archer can’t speak and that the town has written him off a simple after tragedy stuck his family as well so many years ago. Bree is the first person to try and get to know the man beneath all the hair and beard. He isn’t receptive at first and questions her motives. He has to; everyone else in his life to this point has only ever wanted to humiliate him save the uncle that raised him. They share the common thread of facing a day in their lives to horrifying that it completely alters their life paths….but was that such a bad thing?

The chemistry between Archer and Bree is hot! The sex scenes are tame compared to things I’ve read previously but that’s ok. I can refrain from pure smut from time to time when it’s worth it. IT WAS WORTH IT! The passion and drive behind the simmering sex scenes was anything but tame. I’ll admit to having the stupid sex grin on my face while reading. You will to, I promise!


The baggage that Archer and Bree carry helps them to help each other. They understand pain, loss and suffering that continues for them each day even though nobody can see it. Normally I would never say “Baggage is helpful!” but in this case it was, two people were able to reach out and connect with each other because of said baggage. Have I said baggage too much?!? Probably but trust me, you’ll get it when you read the book!

I recommend this book to anyone looking to really delve into a book and become immersed in a small Maine town with an amazing cast of characters that help you see how friendly and welcoming a small town can be for someone who has lost themselves.


I love this book. I read it in one day and could have read it again the next day. Kudos to the author for creating a beautiful story out of the ashes of sadness and loss. If you’ve read any of my past reviews you know I’m a series lover so I think that’s why it took me so long to read this stand-alone book. I must apologize to my book whore sister and listen to her more often when she recommends a book over and over! SISTER! I will never again drag my feet! This was an amazing book!!

Do yourself a favor and go buy this book now!


B & N


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