#TailWaggingTuesday – WEDNESDAY EDITION!

Howdy Everyone!!

I was so busy at my paying job yesterday that I didn’t get a chance to blog or anything! Damn you bills for making me work when I want to play 🙂 So without further ado here is our #TailWaggingTuesday pup!

Some Words from his mommie!!

This is Edgar (after my favorite writer) he’s an American bulldog we rescued a little over a yr ago. He came to skinny and in pretty bad shape. He was still healing from a previous dog attack. Edgar is completely deaf and responds to hand signals! He’s very smart and learns quick. Edgar enjoys going for walks and car rides. He’s an aggressive snuggler and a pro at sleeping w his tongue slightly out

He has small dog syndrome so he climbs right on top of you whether you’re willing or not. He also kisses like a human. He presses his lips up against yours haha.



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