#BookReview – The Status of All Things by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

THE STATUS OF ALL THINGS by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke


I received an e-ARC from NetGalley and Atria Books | Simon & Schuster in exchange for an honest review.

Throughout the book even though I knew that it was supposed to be more of a witty novel I felt sad for Kate, the main character in this book. She was in my opinion the epitome of so many in our society today. We are all becoming addicted to creating a façade online in a social media that doesn’t reflect our real lives. Why are we so afraid to let others see us as human beings?

Kate is about to get married. She has been planning the event for over a year. She has become so obsessed with her idea of a dream wedding that when reality slaps her in the face, she hits the ground in a heap. On the eve of the wedding at the rehearsal dinner her fiancé Max tells her the wedding is off because he’s fallen for someone else her first thought isn’t “How did this happen?” but “What will people online think?”

After returning home from the destination wedding that wasn’t to be a random self-forced trip to the local coffee house that results in Kate being able to change not only her life but the lives of those closest with a status update on Facebook. I loved this aspect of the story! Show of hands for anyone that would love this superpower!showOfHands

She gets the chance to re-live the last 30 days leading up to her wedding, a chance to make it “right” all the while keeping the knowledge and memory of the previous timeline. During those 30 days you begin to see a new Kate. This one is no longer in her head but is now paying attention to those around her. She’s seeing the cracks in her relationship and in those of one of her best friends, Jules. She’s noticing that her other best friend, Liam, is also drinking more and going through girlfriends faster than normal.

Jules and her husband Ben have always seemed so happy but Kate overhears a tense conversation that shows that her friend is having trouble in her marriage. Between Ben traveling, Jules working and the kids’ schedule the couple no longer has time for each other and it’s beginning to affect Jules despite her ever present smile. Surely a Facebook status giving Jules a makeover is just what she needs to feel good about herself again right?

Liam is always finding issue with every woman he dates. She doesn’t like cats, she doesn’t like dogs, or she just doesn’t like animals at all. Superficial things that keep him from committing and Kate begins to wonder who will ever be good enough for Liam. What better way to help her friend than to set him up with the Hollywood it girl? But Kate is unaware that Liam already gave his heart away a long time ago and might never get the girl?

As Kate continues to change and manipulate events in order to keep Max from leaving her again she begins to see patterns that make her realize that fate has its own agenda regardless of how many changes she wants to make for her benefit. It was annoying when you knew she could see what was happening but chose to ignore it out of fear. Her singled minded focus on getting Marc back or rather making sure he never left was sometimes exasperating. You wanted to shake her and tell her to “WAKE UP!” She was making so many compromises that she was losing what made her Kate and I could relate to that as a human being. We all have a habit of changes pieces of ourselves for somebody else but who is there to tell us when we’ve completely lost ourselves?

The book was extremely well written in my opinion. Throughout the book you constantly evaluate not only Kate but yourself. Do I worry more about what my status on Facebook says more than I care about the things going on around me? Am I just as obsessed? The Status of All Things is written in a realistic manner and is clever. Self-doubt and growth co-mingle chapter after chapter giving each character a more complex personality.

I felt hopeful and annoyed as I read the book because I could relate to Kate, Jules, Liam and even Max.  Liz and Lisa created a story that makes the reader feel like each character could be them or someone they know. I recommend this book for the humor, introspect and relatability. I also wanted to say that these women write so well as a team that I couldn’t tell from one chapter to the next who wrote what, I liked that so much. I look forward to future books from these ladies.

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