#TailWaggingTuesday – MEET MOJO!

I didn’t forget my furry friends despite my book review post today. Here is our latest little buddy!

My name is Mojo. Short for Mojo Nixon or Mojo Wojohowitz depending on who you ask. My mom thinks she named me after some 80’s skate punk guy and my dad after some detective in Barney Miller. My kids call me Moj or Schmo. I don’t care just don’t call me late to dinner.

My people rescued me from South Florida Bull Terrier Rescue.. but I think I rescued them. Their other two dogs had passed away and they were lonely. I don’t think they were ready for me though. I am a handful and had learned some bad habits… like cat chasing, barking at nothing in the middle of the night, and eating rotten bologna off the street.

I spend my days sleeping in my recliner or on the youngest kids bed. I love sleeping and lay down on top of anyone laying down. They love it!! I chase some squirrels, and the odd cat who jumps the fence. I love to make the neighbors dogs bark, it’s really easy. You lean against the fence and ignore them. And when Mom yells at you to stop teasing them you ignore her too. When I get in trouble I talk back and I always get the last word in. I tell them I love them and it makes them all laugh. I even have a different howl when each if my kids gets called and they ignore mom.

My talents are jumping and holding onto the 6′ fence, giving stink eye and tearing apart any toy you give me in about a minute flat.



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