Time McGraw – Blank Sheet of Paper

I’ve heard this song for years and have loved it because of how I feel it describes my relationship with my own father. Recently at work I’m in a new department and the woman who sits next to me plays her iPod so we all have something nice to listen to besides the fan.

Anyways this song has been on the playlist and has played every day whenever I start to think about my dad and how I want to have a better relationship with him but neither of us know where to start. Right now it’s just baby steps and awkward phone calls. I did pay him a visit a few months ago and really enjoyed talking with him and my grandmother. It also brought to light just how different I am from him and how there may be ways we will never relate and that hurts my heart but I won’t give up. My mom has been really great in helping me talk through my feelings about having my dad in my life again and even made the trip with me to see him. How can I be so nervous to be around a man who helped give me life?

So here is the song as I found it on youtube, I don’t think an official video was ever created….and if it was I can’t find it but hit play and just listen to the words.


2 thoughts on “Time McGraw – Blank Sheet of Paper

  1. It sure is! I just took the photo last Tuesday when I cut my hair šŸ™‚

    It is tough but we’re taking baby steps and it’s working so far. I think he really wants to have a relationship with me and regrets our past but I’ve told him to just look forward.


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