#TailWaggingTuesday – Meet Rosie and Abby!!

It is my pleasure this week to introduce you all to my dear lifetime friend Toni’s furbabies.

These lovely ladies are both rescues. Rosie our chug (chihuahua and pug mix) was rescued from the Henderson pound. She was by far the most unique dog they had. She had a long neck and an over bite that could make anyone smile. At first glance, you would think who would want her??.. My kids thought she was perfect. We had left the pound, to go home and think about if we really needed a dog, and we didn’t get half way home before the kids let us know how badly we needed her. Needless to say we turned right around and purchased her. Her personality is so adorable, she lays in your arms like a baby. She hugs you when you’ve get home from a long day. She’s our little angel.

Abby our puggle (pug beagle mix) was also a rescue of sorts. She belonged to a friend of my husband and she was being kept in a kennel inside of a closet. When we first got her, she was completley insane and had very little social skills or manners lol.. My husband would often refer to her as a little abb-hole. It was unreal to us that someone would spend so much money to buy a designer bread to put in a kennel in the closet. Once we started training her in the few short months we have had her she has become such a sweet dog. She’s still a silly, clumsy puppy, but her manners are improving. She’s a beautiful dog, and the kids are madly in love with her. Abby is a professional digger and she has been known to dig holes under our wooden fence to allow our next door neighbor’s dog Mojo to come have sleepovers, and house parties while we are out. When caught she always gives me her famous I didn’t do it look. These to fabulous dogs are a huge part of our family, and we love our little fur babies.



One thought on “#TailWaggingTuesday – Meet Rosie and Abby!!

  1. Oh wow!! Could they be more adorable?! They have clearly thrived being in a loving home :). I have a Chocolate Labrador who is amazing but far too cute for his own good!

    Sarah xx



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