10 Signs You Grew Up in Las Vegas

I thought it might be fun to do my own list of random things that seem completely Vegas Native to me. It was kind of a struggle to come up with this list because I have lived in Las Vegas my entire life and these things seem normal to me. Not having them is what’s weird!!

1. You think not having a slot machine in a grocery or corner store is weird.

magic-slot-machine2. You say Las Vegas, tourist say VEGAS BABY!!

vegasbaby6sm3. Your first job wasnโ€™t as a stripper and youโ€™ve never worked in a casinoโ€ฆin fact you avoid them except to see a movie.


4. When it rains you run outside and begin jumping at splashing or standing on the porch with family mesmerized by the water failing from the sky.

unlv-flood-meme5. You know what a sports book is but not a sports home team ๐Ÿ™‚

hap6. โ€œLast callโ€ is only something youโ€™ve heard in the movies.

Game-Show-Last-Call7. School field trips usually involved an attraction at a strip casino.

sigroywhitecubs8. You always got Halloween off because it was also Nevada Day!

2ldad0z9. You donโ€™t understand that 24 hour everything is a Las Vegas thing.

open-24-hours-draft10. And finally……People will never understand just how hot summer is in Las Vegas. Granted we donโ€™t have humidity all the time but we sufferโ€ฆ..trust me!



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