#BookReview – Crown of Smoke by Snowa Fox

Crown Of Smoke (The Angel Marked Series #1)


A Life Bound
A Destiny Revealed
A Vengeance Unleashed

Dream Guardian, Vaughn Khale is on the brink
of gaining his redemption to claim the demon crown of Lucidity,
when his world is set ablaze.

Deception fractures his life of duty and honor,
altering his younger brother’s fate forever.

Pragmatic. Archeology student. Angel Marked.

Lila Vanderhook leads a normal 22 year old life,
until her nightmares attack her in the flesh.

Her brush with an ancient relic has ancient demons hunting her
and she must flee to save herself.

The decision has grave consequences for her guardian,
revealing a destiny neither of them are prepared for.

This is going to be one of the hardest reviews I’ve ever had to write. I want to start with the positives. I LOVE this author. She’s smart, kind and will one day be an exceptional author. The story and world she created definitely have the potential to be better. While I’m not really a fan of Angels and Demons per say I did enjoy Snowa’s concepts for her series.

What killed me reading this book was throughout it I saw so much potential but the lackluster dialogue and wordsnotseparated just ruin so much of the experience. I will say I’m not an author/writer what have you, I’m just a person who has read since as far back as I can remember and dialogue is not easy to write but so simple to destroy. I give Snowa the credit she deserves as this is the first book she’s ever published but I blame the people that proofed and edited her story. If the dialogue doesn’t sound like a conversation between two real life people it makes it difficult to read. People speak in contraction and have a way of saying words that can be translated.

I liked Lila, I appreciated that she was headstrong and intelligent but didn’t like that those things disappeared when she was confronted with an attractive man. I felt like she could/should have been more confident in herself despite the attractions she felt toward two characters. I would have LOVED Lila had she presented herself and the articulate and strong person you meet at the beginning of the book.

Vaughn is kind but lacks true leadership skills throughout the book in my opinion. He was so obsessed with watching over Lila for so many years he let his family and kingdom fall into evil and neglect. Had he truly been paying attention I feel a majority of the events would not have come to pass had he showed as much intensity to the kingdom of people and family he lived with day in and day out.

I was 80% of the way into the book and still wasn’t really sure what was going to happen or where the story was headed. I know this is the first in a series but I believe in this case everything was so vague that I didn’t feel compelled to read any further. There was also the issue of having past and present pretense in more than a few paragraphs from the beginning until the end that left me confused.

I’ll conclude here in saying I was reluctant to write this review at all but over readers and authors told me to write it anyways. They believed, and in turn, made me believe that an author is always looking for ways to create better content and this can only help.


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