#DoctorWho Trailer! The Countdown has begun!!

Mark your calendars folks!! September 19, 2015 is the day The Doctor returns to our screens!! This trailer has my mind racing with possibilities. I know for many that Peter Capaldi hasn’t lived up to Doctor Who standard but I love him. I think he’s a brilliant Doctor. I feel like he plays the Doctor as almost a new Time Lord and really isn’t that what he is?!? After Matt Smith received 12 new regenerations from his people through the crack it makes sense to me that this Doctor is fresh, he looks at the world anew again but also remembers all the lives he’s lived til this point.

I do hope this is the last season for Jenna Coleman. She’s had her time with two doctors now and needs to move on. She’s a delightful woman and I can see her in movies, TV and more for many years but it’s time to pass the torch. I’d like to see the new companion be older (I don’t have a gender preference) and possibly even alien.

I did enjoy Michelle Gomez as The Master, she was creepy and weird but strangely intriguing. Her face is so expressive and it really seemed like she was enjoying herself in the role. I don’t know if she could travel with The Doctor given their history but I so look forward to them sharing the screen again!

Well shoot it wouldn’t let me post the trailer itself but here’s a link to watch it on Facebook πŸ™‚Β Doctor Who Trailer


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