New Page Announcement!!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!

So to try and incorporate more into my blog and find my niche I’ve added a page letting authors know that I’m interested in reading their books, whether they be new releases or just a book that isn’t getting the attention they want or maybe expect and that I’m offering my services for free.


I originally set up my blog to be just little personal stories, to share pictures of my awesome furbaby and to reach out to people to help me get over my fear of voicing my opinion to anyone outside my immediate circle but I realized that reading is such an important piece of who I am that I couldn’t not review books and share my thoughts with friends and new people.

I currently use NetGalley to review books and I also read a few books from authors I’ve met on Facebook but I want to reach a wider audience. Is this added page a good start? I’m so new to all of this and would really appreciate any and all opinions and comments.

I’ve watched author friends struggle to gain readers and it’s not easy to promote a book when you’ve either self-published or used a smaller publishing company. There is no budget to help you reach the audience you want to read your book and let’s face it, unless you’re spamming the hell out of yourself you’re not really making the dent you want or at least that’s the way it appears to me. You can post on twitter and facebook but unless you’re spending the money to boost who sees your post it isn’t going to be seen.

I commend all authors who have graciously shared the stories in their heads with us and just really want to help them succeed. I hope by creating this new page that I am able to accomplish my goal and help new authors in the process. Wish me luck!!


6 thoughts on “New Page Announcement!!

  1. Hello Liza Jane, Reviewers are a blessed and beloved part of small press authors progression. I am grateful to meet each one. My book is literary fiction titled Papa’s Gift, It was released less than a year ago by Black Rose Writing, an almost medium size press out of Texas. So far there are 10 reviews on Amazon and one independent review by a local Las Vegas blogger. All are five stars. If you would like an e-copy or print book to evaluate for a possible review, I will provide one. Web is – – There is a link to amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature. Thanks for considering. George McLendon

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