When Quotes Create Controversy

Yesterday I posted the imagine below on my

” target=”_blank”>LizaJane Chronicles page on Facebook. Everything was fine until someone who didn’t actually read the entire quote decided to comment. She picked out the words pro-life and pro-birth and decided to start her attack on why I was a murderer. I did not take to kindly to that, I have no problem with intelligent debate and discussion. In fact, I encourage it! To me it is how human beings learn and grow. Needless to say I got into a got into a confrontation with her and refuse to back down. I will not be made to feel bad for my beliefs, I won’t back down when you turn a conversation that could be a learning experience into a personal attack. I am not a murderer. I am someone who believes that something as serious as abortion is a woman’s right and should be treated with respect and privacy. I don’t know every women who has had an abortion, I have no idea how said women came to the decision to terminate a pregnancy. I do know that it isn’t any of my business and has no bearing on that person as an individual.

I won’t lament anymore on this because I could go on and on but I said my piece yesterday and felt the need to lay it to rest here. I’m linking the picture and discussion above if you decide you want to read it.

For the record I completely agree with the words below and find this nun to be an intelligent women who is willing to open minds and start a real conversation that needs to be had.