My Two Cents – Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump

I have been debating on whether or not to put in my two cents regarding Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump. I decided why the hell not.

I’ll start by saying how shocked I am that Donald Trump has made it this far as a Republican candidate for president. The things that come out of his mouth just astonish me. What makes it worse is co-workers and acquaintances that I hear sayings things like “I agree with everything he says, I’m glad someone finally had the balls to say it” or “He’s better than the politicians we have in office now.” First of all to hear people say they agree with what he says…….He puts down minorities, woman and anyone that doesn’t agree with him. I would respect him more if his response to all of it wasn’t calling people losers or putting their phone numbers on social media. Is that really the temperament we want in a president? Secondly, Is he really better than the politicians we have in office now? I don’t think so, he’s just more blunt. He makes things up to suit his purpose the same way current politicians do and he isn’t looking to help the country actually move forward and prosper. Sounds like a politician to me. He also refuses to hold himself accountable for bankrupting 4 different businesses which is also a classic politicians stance, NO ACCOUNTABILITY and BLAME SOMEONE BUT MYSELF. Where to they think the “Millennials” learned it from?

So back to Megyn Kelly. I’m not a fan of hers, hell I’m not a fan of Fox News. I think the network is no better than a gossip magazine. The network won the right in 2009 to blatantly lie and disregard actually facts for ratings. But I will support and stand by Ms. Kelly even when Fox News viewers will not. I say that she should never have to apologize to Donald Trump in regards to the line of questioning during the Republican debate. If he can’t handle her questions how will he handle questions from the press should he become president or from foreign leaders? Will he call everyone a loser and refuse to comment or will be make period shaming remarks then backtrack when he realizes his foot went too far into his mouth? It also makes you wonder about the men and women who watch Fox News and think it’s ok for Megyn to be criticized for being a woman which she was doing her job as a journalist and moderator.

This isn’t the first time Donald Trump has gone after a woman and it won’t be the last. Do we really want a president that only respects white men? He also has made it clear what he thinks of the immigrants the come to this country illegally. If you aren’t a subservient woman then this Republican candidate will shame you until he thinks he’s put you back in your place and 32% of Republican voters support his stance.

I hope this can be a learning experience for Megyn Kelly. I’d like her to really see the viewers that she has pandered to for many years and ask herself “Is this really how I think women, including myself, should be treated? Can I continue to work for a network that supports politicians and candidates with such misogynistic views?” These viewers turned on on her the minute she asked a legitimate question, what makes her think this will be the last time?

So this is my rant and I do hope I haven’t offended too many people. I have enjoyed political debate since I was in High School and miss being able to have actual conversations with people about what is going on in Washington DC and on these cable networks. Too often it turns into personal attacks when really it should just help us all learn to see something from another perspective. I welcome anyone to comment that wants to have a discussion but will deny and delete any post that become personal attacks. We as adults should be able to converse without naming calling and bullying.

video is from YouTube and FoxNewsInsider


11 thoughts on “My Two Cents – Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump

  1. Great post! Trump is nothing more than an egotistical, misogynistic, narcissistic, megalomaniac!😑 I’m finding it increasingly embarrassing that he’s so far ahead in the polls right now even though he has a snowball’s chance in hell of actually getting elected. The only thing that’s made me feel better is 13 year old Molly Bergman’s song about him. I wish I could figure out how to give you the link but I can’t. If you Google her though, it’s everywhere. Just to give you an idea, the refrain is:
    “Time to go, time to go, we’ve seen your show
    It was fun at first, but now you blow.”
    Talk about out of the mouths of babes!

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  2. Far too often people get all defensive when someone disagrees with their opinions or choice of candidate for whatever-the-fk. When did we forget how to be intelligent adults who can actively participate in a mature discussion/debate? Trump is a snob, and a bigoted misogynistic woman-hating DB. What’s to support there? What do people really think they’ll gain by supporting him & his shitty behavior? I don’t get it at all. :/

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    1. The claim seems to be he isn’t a politician but I disagree with that, he has run for office more than once now so doesn’t that make him a politician? He also just says things for shock value and soundbytes. Sounds like a typical politician to me πŸ™‚

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