What I’m Reading!

I love to read obviously lol and love to review but life is making that easier said than done. I wanted you all to know I haven’t forgotten about you. Here’s my list of what I’m reading and what is coming next!!

Currently Reading

  1. (Jenna’s) Gang of Deadheads by Paul Atreides – I’m planning to review this actually and am really enjoying it so far!
  2. The Submissive Series by Tara Sue Me – There are 5 books and these are strictly for fun! I need books like these to help clear my mind sometimes.

I can usually read 3-4 books at a time but I just don’t literally have the time at this point.

To Be Read

  1. Bonds of Blood Spirit Saga by Wendi Kelly & Deborah Dorchak – This is a series I will be reviewing as well. It’s a paranormal series which is right up my alley!! I’m excited and can’t wait to start it!
  2. Merlin’s Chosen Series by Victoria Akaer – Yet another I’ll be reviewing. This is a local Las Vegas author and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. It’s always an added bonus for me when an author is from my hometown ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Richard’s Reign by Vanessa Fewings – This is the 6th book/novella in the Enthrall series, I didn’t get a chance to be a part of the blog tour for Cameron’s Contract (Book 5) but I will be buying that in the new few weeks and reviewing that as well. Truly one of my favorite series! Expect the review for Richard’s Reign in October as part of a book tour!

After that I have at least 9 more books waiting for me on NetGalley and look forward to sharing those with you as well. I’lk keep you all up to date on my progress and hope that my reviews will inspire you to read each book/series.


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