All Aboard the Crazy Train!

I have been a neglectful blogger. I’m just going to babble and rant about what’s been going on in my life in no particular order. Some things will be left out of course because I can’t have them making their way back to Facebook just yet.

I want to keep you all so entertained day after day that I think I overwhelmed myself and then produce nothing. I try to think of things that will be enjoyable for my readers. I know what I enjoy but do you want really hear my opinion of world events and politics? I have very strong feelings about both.

I do my book reviews that I love more than anything but don’t think that’s enough. I’m nearly finished with my latest read but I’ll admit I’ve been lazy when it comes to reading, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to work, relax and get everything else done.

My husband started a new job and he now works the swing shift. I can’t lie, it’s been a time of adjustment for me. I spend many hours with my husband and not having him home at night when I get off work has thrown me for a loop. The job is a great opportunity and means better things for us as a family now and in the future but that doesn’t mean I can’t be sad about it. We have different days off so I don’t see him as much as I’m used to and I know a month from now it will just be a part of our routine but for now it makes my heart hurt. Weepy rant over.

I’m still playing the waiting game at work to become a fulltime employee. I know my new boss is doing everything she can and I appreciate that more than I think even she realizes. I’m now in a department that I feel more useful in and take extreme pride in my work from each day. I spent over a year in another department being told every month that it was “in the works” but I think I was just being fed a line of bullshit. I was just being told whatever needed to be said so I wouldn’t leave the department in a lurch. I began working my old department and my current department 4 hours each day and it became apparent to all involved that I thrived in my new department, so VERY reluctantly I was given permission to do fulltime hours in the department I’m in now. I was supposed to become fulltime September 1st but my previous boss made it personal and ensured I am now on a 90 trial period to prove myself once again. My current boss wasn’t happy but we talked and she encouraged me to just see this as the last bump in the road. She truly is an amazing person which in turn makes her an even better supervisor because she really does relate to her staff.

I’m in search of a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Las Vegas that I don’t want to cost more than $900 in rent a month. Am I being realistic? I’ve found a few properties but my lease isn’t up until January 2016. I want to be in my new home February 1st. So staying in true LizaJane fashion I’m starting my search now. The apartments here in town want over a grand for a decent three bedroom that still lacks the space I want. I’m currently in a 2 bedroom, 2 bath that is 1000 square feet and it feels so small and lacks any kind of privacy. I mean sure I could move into the “ghetto” that is East Las Vegas and get tons of square footage for less than $800 a month but I then run the risk of having my home broken into, my car stolen or broken into and shittier neighbors than I have now. Was that too mean? I say those things because I lived on that side of town in my early 20’s and my car was broken into at least once a week. After we moved my old roommate has someone break the sliding glass door and take things that meant something to him. Luckily he wasn’t home or he could have been hurt.

Reading and watching all the political crap that flashes online and on TV has me shaking my head and playing a troll on facebook. I find myself fighting with close minded, ignorant people and wonder why the hell I bother. We have presidential candidates that support a person like Kim Davis that refuses to abide by the Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage and she uses her religion as a shield. My opinion, your religious beliefs have nothing to do with your job unless you work in a church. If you work for the government or hold a publicly held office that goes double! I work with many conservative people and I couldn’t refuse to do my job simply because I don’t agree with them and expect to keep my job. I also find it incredible sad that a politician who is running for office has decided this is the platform that he chooses to follow. I don’t see him standing behind Charee Stanley and I honestly believe it’s because she’s Muslim and not Christian. I’m completely disgusted with the coverage over the Planned Parenthood scandal. I see all these people bitching about their tax dollars paying for abortions when that is not the case. Tax dollars have never paid for abortion, hell most insurance companies won’t cover it unless it’s medically necessary. I just want to shout at these people, “You want the government to stay out for your bedroom/home but you have no problem trying to dictate what a woman does with her uterus.” Am I the only one to see the hypocrisy? We have candidates attacking woman and the poor and nobody seems to be the least bit upset by this, at all! We have congressman and congresswoman willing to shut the government down AGAIN just to defund Planned Parenthood. I guess the fact that all the other services they provide to women just doesn’t count. Hell when all else fails let’s just blame Obama but don’t give him credit when something goes right. If I had my way we’d have term limits and lobbyist would be illegal.

I do have exciting things happening in my life that I wish I could share and next month I’ll be able to, so get ready! My entire life moving forward will change and I look forward to it despite the fear that I could fail. I’m excited my husband has been able to get a full time job again, hopefully he won’t be a temp like I am for as long as I have been. I am grateful for my life but because I am human there are times I just want to rant and rave, not because I wish things were different, just because it feels good to release all the negative energy that can build up when you feel like you can’t catch a breath. I enjoy going to work each day because I’m learning more and more skills that will only help me now and in the future. We finally after 3 years met my sister’s boyfriend and he’s just a great man. Seeing them together makes me happy, my sister is a strong headed woman and it’s nice to see someone appreciate that about her. I’m really excited that it seems like she’s ready to include my family into her family again, especially my mom. I really think she’s growing up and learning to forgive. So all in all everything is going as it should and will only get better.

I promise to be more active and post more often, even if it’s just an interesting article or a funny meme. Thank you to all my readers for sticking with me, I truly appreciate you all!!


4 thoughts on “All Aboard the Crazy Train!

  1. I feel u on the husbands job thing. Mine started a new one this year and his hours drive me crazy! Also nice to see we have the same view on politics! I don’t see that very much where I’m from lol so it’s nice to see another sane person as myself!

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    1. I don’t like to share my political views too often but I’m slowly starting to come around lol I think if people who believe differently have no problem voicing themselves, why should I?

      Thank you for the husband thing! I really don’t want to be the whiny wife that needs all his attention but I miss him. The extra hormones I think make it worse. But I’ve vowed to just pull on my big girl panties and deal with it.


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