#Book Review – (Jenna’s) Gang of Deadheads (World of Deadheads Book 2) by Paul Atreides

Jenna has Joined Marvin in death, but she’s in a fight for her life.

Marvin is more than ready to move forward with their wedding, but Jenna’s cold (dead) feet at the impending nuptials are only part of the problem. It appears she has trouble abiding by those pesky rules of the afterlife.

Ignoring all warnings about interfering with the living world, Jenna resumes her work with victims of domestic abuse. If she can’t convince the World Council of Keepers that killing a young man was an accident, she could end up deader than dead.

With the help of deadheads old and new, a plan is hatched to defend her actions. Will Jenna survive and get married, or will the Council halt her deader in her tracks?

A World of Deadheads novel where the living and dead don’t intertwine, they collide!

The deadheads are back to stir up more ghostly mischief in this highly anticipated follow-up to (Marvin’s) World of Deadheads


What a delightful book to read! It felt like I was watching a movie that happen to be all subtitles. I didn’t read the first book but you can read each as a standalone. Each character has a distinct personality and you feel connected after page one. It was a tad strange figuring out all the characters at first but it isn’t so confusing that you aren’t able to keep everyone separate.

Jenna and Marvin are a couple, before death and after. They spend much of their time in a deli with other deceased people called DEADHEADS. They cause mischief in the diner but nothing cruel or hurtful. Marvin is more at peace with his death it seems than Jenna is but he’s also been dead longer. The deadheads are people that have passed that haven’t gone to “heaven’ or “hell” yet.

Things get a bit suspenseful when Jenna sees a woman in trouble and intervenes. There are rules in the afterlife and she hasn’t learn them yet but even after she does she refuses to stand by and watch anyone be abused. There are souls in the afterlife that already take care of situations like this but not to Jenna’s liking, will it work in her favor to continue to interfere or will it take her away from Marvin and the new “life” they have together?

I’m finding it kinda difficult to describe the book because it is so much like a movie you’d watch on a Sunday evening wrapped up comfy on your couch. It’s the kind of book that just makes you laugh and shake your head throughout the read.

The chapter flow so smoothly you don’t realize how much you’ve read until you look up and see the sun as gone down. You want to follow Jenna around town as she learns to jump into bodies and save men and women in trouble. Hanging out with Marvin and his friends at Epstein’s diner is sublime! I can’t tell you how many times reading this book I wanted a corned beef hash on rye! I really enjoyed how the author saw the afterlife. It wasn’t ever preachy and never mentions the words heaven or hell for that matter. It was interesting to imagine that the people who have passed could be sitting beside you or out enjoying a movie like nothing has changed.

I plan on going back and reading the first book just to visit with the characters again. I definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone. I can’t really say there’s an age restriction either. There’s nothing too graphic sexual or violence wise that would make it unsuitable for say a 6th grader.

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