#BookReview – Bonds of Blood & Spirit: Loyalties (BBS #1) by Wendi Kelly & Deborah Dorchak

I was given all four books in the series by the authors for honest reviews. I’ll post each review as I finish each book.

Regina Capalini, abandoned by her parents at age three, and the victim of a heinous crime, has been tossed away by the only Pack she has ever known. She has one last chance to impress her new Alpha, Diego Beauchamp, or be left to fend for herself as a rogue wolf, a sentence that will surely end in death.

Fate intervenes, not once, but twice, and plunges Regina into a fast-paced race against the clock to save the life of the stranger she just met.

In the midst of this harrowing life-threatening rescue, she comes to know five unique people who, in their own quirky and troubled ways, teach this misfit and broken girl the meaning of love, trust and loyalty, making her question everything she ever believed was true.

Together, they create an alliance, a new breed of Pack, one that changes the course of the future forever.


I’m a HUGE paranormal fan. I love reading stories that involve species of human beings that as far as I know don’t exist because for me reading is about escape. This book more than meet my expectations of the first of an amazing paranormal series.

Regina is a hard-ass and a realistic strong female lead. I LOVE HER! She’s led a hard life, first as a rogue wolf with no pack then as the play toy of jerk of an Alpha that had no issues passing the female wolves of his pack around to anyone after he had his fill.

She’s been shipped off to a new Alpha because her old Alpha thinks she’s too much trouble and it was either a new pack or becoming a rogue again. Rogue wolves don’t last long because wolves travel in packs and need the interaction of a pack to thrive and stay alive. On her way to meet her new Alpha she gets involved in a fender bender with a horse drawn carriage and meets a man that causes a reaction in her mind and body like she’s never felt. It spooks her, who is the human to cause this overwhelming sense in her? She isn’t the only one affected. Harrison and his pirate good looks are in for the adventure of his life. His chance meeting with Regina is just the beginning and he has no idea!

Upon meeting her new Alpha Diego the first thing Regina does is offer herself to him because pack rules state Alpha has first dibs. He rejects her and because of all the abuse she’s endured she’s pissed, who is he to reject her and screw him because she can get her rocks off anywhere. She did her duty and offered him first dibs! She finds solace in the charming, good looking Cole. He’s human but there’s this spark and he reminds her of the pirate she’ll never see again……or so she thinks. A night of drinking turns into a morning of fun when Regina and Cole create more steam than the shower where their passion ignites.

Cole is a player, he has a new woman each night but for some reason he can’t get Regina out of his head. It sounds cliché I know but there’s a reason for that and I refuse to spoil it! Anyways Cole actually asks Regina out on a date which shocks the hell out of them both. He can’t believe he wants to see her again when that isn’t his style and she’s never been out on a date before, that isn’t how her life has been up until this point. The date starts off very sweet and you want it to lead to a sweeter night but Cole is called into work and can’t say no. The person he works for doesn’t take no for an answer. He doesn’t want her night to be ruined because he can’t stay so he talks her into taking the carriage ride he has set up with his roommate…..and surprise, surprise it’s her pirate from the car accident!! The electricity between Harrison and Regina is just as strong as it was that first meeting but neither want to betray Cole so they fight the attraction and agree to tour the town as friends. A scuffle in a bar leads Regina to believe there’s more to Harrison than even he realizes and they return to his house so she can tell him her suspicions. Harrison can sense the truth and knows that Regina isn’t lying about the whopper that she drops on him, it’s not what he ever expected!

I want to go on and on but I think I’ll give too much away because after this chapter the book just explodes and doesn’t stop! If you’re a series lover like I am you’ll love the fact that this first book was 600 pages long and really provided all the ground work for the next book and most likely the entire series. This book isn’t suggested for anyone under 18 honestly. Sure there’s sex and violence but there is also sexual assault and human trafficking. While it isn’t disgustingly graphic it is detailed and isn’t for the faint of heart. I haven’t read the second book but I plan to this weekend and if it’s as long as the first book it’s going to take at least a week. I definitely recommend the book to ALL paranormal and series lovers like myself.

Check out the author’s website and definitely check out the books! There are links on the author’s site on ways to purchase each book.

The Facebook page is a MUST like as well!


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