#BookReview – Richard’s Reign – The Enthrall Sessions Vol 6 By Vanessa Fewings


Richard’s Reign (The Enthrall Sessions, #6) by Vanessa Fewings @VanessaFewings @bookenthupromo

Genre: Erotic Romance

Release Date: 10/25/15

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I received an ARC e-book copy of this book from The Book Enthusiast for an honest review.

Richard Booth, best friend of billionaire Cameron Cole and senior dominant at the elite BDSM club Enthrall, will attempt to prove to the women he loves and the enemies he loathes that he is a force to be reckoned with.

His life starts to change when Andrea Buckingham, a gorgeous, fledgling Hollywood starlet, coerces him to introduce her to the BDSM subculture and the unique, controversial services offered by Enthrall. The intense pressure of a celebrity lifestyle and having to carry a blockbuster movie has taken its toll on Andrea’s delicate psyche.

What this woman needs is discipline and liberation.

What she needs is Enthrall.

Who she needs…is Richard Booth.



Adrenaline spiking my veins.

Just how I liked it.

Wind whipping my clothes, this rush of air, the peacefulness of nothing.

Thoughts dissipating.

Gravity owning me as the ground drew near.

            Skydiving, the wind blasting my face, my body pummeled, death nipping at my heels and the arrogance of knowing I’d survive.

Those painful thoughts returning and my inability to outrun them, or even outfall them, reminding me I’d messed up again.

And lost my lover to another man.           

The same arrogance that had led me to pursuits like this. The same trust that made me believe giving my girlfriend to my best friend to train was a great idea. A stellar endeavor that was supposed to turn out a world-class submissive. After all, this brilliant dominant who I’d entrusted her to was renowned for his unique talent that turned our lovers into legends. He was also the same person who’d pulled me back from the brink time and time again, saving me in Dr. Cameron Cole’s own indelible way. His psychological craft so effective that those of us who endured his special brand of therapy survived it with a sense of having saved ourselves; a profound statement of his brilliance. 

Though genius was not without consequence.

This morning I’d told Mia goodbye.

Left her outside Cameron’s Malibu beach house knowing full well he loved her more than me, and he was fatefully waiting inside.

No, it wasn’t that he loved her more…he loved her differently. The kind of passion I’d never seen in Cameron before, the kind that made him willing to give her up for me.

Cameron and I shared an endearing “bromance” – a connection as strong as brothers. Cameron had counseled me back from the edge of madness, back when my life was all about my father’s betrayal and my fiancée’s suicide. I’d been there for Cameron, too, when his life had spiraled after his fiancée Zie had betrayed him and he’d called off their wedding. Together we’d gone on the ultimate bender at Chrysalis which had left subs in our wake, giddy and sated. Cameron, me and Shay – our club’s head of security – had drunk and fucked our way into mythic status. 

Cameron had always been such a private man. A good man. So, I threw myself onto my sword and gave him what he deserved: The love of his life – the woman who was meant to be mine.

I’d lied to myself that Mia would come round and learn the ways of a high-class submissive and enjoy being subjugated as she bowed down to me as her master. She only responded to Cameron like that. Proof that her soul had bonded with his…that only one man could truly set her free.

I’d had no choice but to shake my bad boy ways and do the right thing for once. Even if it meant my heart was going to be ripped out of my chest. Getting over her seemed impossible.

The strike to my back sent me spinning.

A flash of a face.

Brendon, my skydiving partner, yelling…something about pulling my cord. Something about deploying my emergency line.

He shot up and that white cloud of a parachute billowed behind him, sending him rising.

Yeah, good point.

My flesh crawling as I realized the danger.


Plummeting. Spinning. So close to blacking out.

My hand tugging, slipping off and trying again, my breath stuttering to fill my lungs with the air it forgot it needed. The cord ignoring these frenzied attempts, palms sweaty, fingers numb as they fumbled.

Unable to tell which way was up or down—

Refusing to give up, forming my body into a D-arch to slow my rate.

Fucking death in the mouth as the ground came up fast.

A yank backwards and I flew upwards, my canopy cordial enough to respond to that final frantic tug and blasting open, slowing my descent.

Silence surrounding me.

The patchwork ground now a solid color of dark green and fenced off boundaries becoming smaller.

With legs bent, my feet hit the dirt hard and I tumbled into a sprint until the parachute’s drag rescinded. I leaned forward, both palms resting on my knees as I sucked in adrenaline- drenched breaths.

My grin widened.

Standing tall I howled my joy.


I have been a fan of Vanessa Fewings for only a short time but her books never fail to draw me in. All of the Enthrall series has done that up until this point. I very much enjoyed the read but Richard did not capture my attention the way Cameron and Mia did. I loved Andrea! Her reference to watching the Doctor Who series made me smile and fall in love with her instantly.

Richard has always been a character that has been hard for me to feel any empathy toward. His story is sad, his father was involved in a Ponzi scheme that ruined many lives, including Richard’s but I always felt that he came across as a spoiled brat. It was no different in this book. Yes I get that he lost a girl he thought he loved to another man but had he really loved her and wanted to be with her he would have trained her himself in my opinion.

That’s what makes his relationship with Andrea more interesting for me, he finally did find someone that sparked enough interest for him and created a big enough challenge that he felt drawn to train her for himself. He fights himself along the way because of the way he emotional restricts himself from everyone but Cameron Cole. You can see Richard growing in this book and I hope that continues with future books.

Andrea is a fireball. She’s sensitive and sheltered from her upbringing up so willing to grow beyond that and it makes you cheer for her though out the book. She is what kept me reading the book until the very end. I actually feel that Richard was more drawn to her because she did come from the same background that he did in terms of money so he couldn’t make her feel insecure for being less….if that makes sense.

I enjoyed the chemistry between the two characters and felt the sizzle with each page. Andrea inspires Richard and I think he needs that in someone besides his best friend. She helped him move into a new chapter in his life and that endeared Richard to me a little more.

I definitely recommend this book to all ENTHRALL lovers but I must caution going into the book looking for the same feelings you may have experienced reading about Cameron and Mia. Richard and Andrea have a different relationship and it does take some getting used to in the beginning. I give the book 4 stars.

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Get to know Vanessa Fewing

Vanessa Fewings is the bestselling romance author of the highly acclaimed Enthrall Sessions.

Vanessa is also the author of The Stone Masters Vampire Series. Prior to publishing, Vanessa worked as a registered nurse and midwife. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and has lived in Germany, Hong Kong, and Cyprus.

Born and raised in England, Vanessa now proudly calls herself an American and resides in California with her husband.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialVMK

Literary Agent: Trident Media Group






Google +:https://plus.google.com/u/0/+VanessaFewings/posts



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