Impromptu Photo Shoot

This weekend my mother in law and I spent the Saturday afternoon at the Mall where she treated me to all new clothes……maternity clothes that is and with my mother out of town I had to do an impromptu photo shoot of some of the shirts. She chastised me on the phony smile in two of the pictures so I made up for it on the photo in the middle.The shirt with the lace arms was REALLY out of my comfort zone but I decided I needed to get it because I need to step outside my comfort zone. I’m going to having a baby for crying out loud, I’m going to be doing things and touching stuff I would never think to do or touch now so I may as well get started and Mom up.


(photo courtesy of my mother’s bathroom lighting)

And here’s how I cleaned up Monday morning for work. I was really worried that the maternity clothes would make me look like a tent or make me feel like an ugly duckling but it was honestly the opposite. I’ve really felt so beautiful today and proud to finally be able to not have to hide my baby bump. Granted you can’t see the bump in the outfit but I didn’t have to hide it and that was the point. And Can I tell you that maternity pants are by far the most comfortable thing I’ve EVER worn!!! I wish I could wear them FOREVER!

2015-11-23 14.13.52

(photo courtesy of the bathroom at work)


5 thoughts on “Impromptu Photo Shoot

    1. Right! I’m so very grateful that she is able to and want to spend money on me lol It was not something I thought I needed until I was trying on the pants and felt so much less restricted hahaha I was already embracing pregnancy outside of work and it’s so much more freeing to be able to embrace it fully now.

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