My Little Alien

I swear I just love this girl to DEATH! I’m obsessed with staring at these ultrasound photos all day, talking to her and feeling her use me like a jungle gym.

If the way I feel now if any indicator I am in some serious trouble once she’s born and in the flesh before my eyes.

Check out her photo shoot from 11/25/2015Β 


(my pretty girl)


(Close up of my little alien)


(her big ass foot, which she uses to constantly kick me with)


4 thoughts on “My Little Alien

  1. Ah, I remember those days! There’s nothing more precious than feeling that new life move around inside you. Enjoy every moment… one day, it’ll feel like you turned around twice, blinked your eyes, and suddenly twenty years have come and gone. (I used to think that was crap when people said it to me, but darn it… they were right!)

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