I’m neglectful but this might make you laugh

I’m sorry everyone! I’ve been neglecting my followers and my blog because….well LIFE! I’m working insane hours, looking for a new home for Emerson and just getting bigger. She’s so active! I can’t believe in just 2 months I’ll meet her in person and fall even more in love than I already am.

So last night while stuffing myself with the best salad ever made I saw a video on Tosh.0 (Thank you Hulu for having all the seasons!) and had to back it up 3 TIMES because I couldn’t stop laughing. Granted I wouldn’t laugh if it was my situation but it wasn’t so I laughed!!! and laughed and laughed and laughed again when I picked my husband up from work and told him about it.

Thank you YouTube users for posting these gems that bring tears to my eyes.


Pre-Order Blitz! Carnal Recovery by Victoria Bright

Carnal Recovery

Preorder Blitz


Book Title:Carnal Recovery
Author:Victoria Bright
Release Date:March 9, 2016
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Pre-Order Blitz! Obsession (Russian Tattoos) by Kat Shehata


Preorder Blitz

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Book Title:Obsession (Russian Tattoos)
Author:Kat Shehata
Genre:NA Romantic Suspense
Release Date:January 12, 2016
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Thyroid Awareness Month

Many of you know I’ve dealt with hypothyroidism for over a decade now and I also admin a group on facebook to help support others with knowledge and love. It’s a disease that can affect many aspects of your life until you learn to control it. It took me many years and it’s a continual struggle that I embrace.

I added the paisley ribbon on my profile pic and shared the app that allows others to do it as well. A friend of mine tried it but her family got very worried so after talking with her I decided to hop on photoshop and create some photos that could be shared without scaring family.

Please feel free to save them and share them as well.

Thyroid Awareness Month 2

Thyroid Awareness Month

Book Blitz!! Foliage by Lorraine Evanoff


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