Baby Bump or Newly Discovered Planet?

I’m not 36 weeks and 4 days so my countdown has begun. Emerson is constantly moving which isn’t much different than she’s done since I first started feeling her little body moving.

Belly 9 months

I feel my nesting instincts wanting to kick in but must wait until I’ve moved into our new home in March. It’s perfect timing and I hope to have her room ready for her before she decides it’s time to meet her mommy and daddy. I’m not going to show you now but I can’t wait for you to see the letters my cousin has made for my girl! I plan in putting them right above the door outside her room!

This week has been pretty good, the hip and groin pain from last week isn’t so bad but I think that’s because I lay down every night when I get home and have taken to walking much slower….for me that’s torture, I’m a speed walker lol anything less than hurry is too slow.

I am seeing the doctor every week now and had three appointments in one day this week. OB, new Primary and the high risk doctor. It wasn’t so bad, I’ve not had a single issue this entire time but they want to make sure that continues and I’m grateful for the high quality of care. The nurse at my primary made my day telling me and every nurse in the place over and over how amazing I looked at this stage of my pregnancy. I need this woman around EVERYDAY! I also had the pharmacist make the same comment yesterday when dropping off a prescription so this week those two ladies have me feeling AWESOME!

The next few weeks are going to be very busy, between moving, the baby shower and just making our house into a home I’m pretty sure I’m going to take tired to the next level. I don’t plan to do any of the heavy lifting of course but I can deal with the small stuff…like supervising so that in itself should wear me out.

My sister has been planning an amazing baby shower and I can’t wait to share those pictures with you all. I’m so lucky to have such an amazing sister! Emerson couldn’t have asked for a more loving and hands on Auntie! Look how cute these invites are! I’ve added one to the pre-birth book along with Emerson’s ultrasound photos so she can see how loved she was from day one.



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