Moving Day!

Moving day went pretty damn well! Our movers from Move 4 Less here in Las Vegas were AWESOME! It took them a little under 4 hours to move all our crap into our new place and they did it professionally and with great attitudes. I was pretty sour on moving companies after our last experience with a different moving company here in town, I won’t mention, but Move 4 Less restored my faith. Not only did they call 30 minutes before they got there as promised but they also showed up on time! That’s a major issue if you know me. My time is important to me, especially when I’m paying you to get something done for me so I respect a company that also values time. I reviewed them on Yelp because I was so impressed, I so enjoy leaving a positive review!

Our new place is just amazing!!!! It’s a cute duplex with so much space and a 2 car garage, it’s more than I expected to find. Briana Slade from Brazill Team Real Estate really made the process of finding this house easy and stayed within our budget. If you’re in the Las Vegas Valley and looking to rent, buy or sell I highly recommend her and her company. I’ll continue working with her as our management company and I plan to use her services again when we purchase our first home. I wrote up a review for her on Yelp and FB so please check her out. There was no charge for her finding us a place and she spent many hours sending me property after property so I could find a place for my baby girl. I’m forever grateful. She seriously made me feel like finding me a place was the most important thing she had to do whenever I talked to her and that made all the difference. I know she has tons of other clients but she’s so dedicated that she makes you a priority when she’s with you.

I’m being shameless in this post referring you all to these two companies but it’s not something that I’ve done before and is not something I normally do….EVER. But because I was treated so well by both places I want to be able to pay that forward.

I also had my final ultrasound on the same day we were moving and everything is wonderful! They’ve estimated Emerson will be 19 inches long and around 6lbs 8oz when she’s born. Her due date has been moved to 3/26 (MY BIRTHDAY!) and that’s pretty exciting!! I would love to share my birthday with my baby girl! They tried to get a picture of her face but she’s so far down that they only got her nose and mouth but man if she doesn’t have the cutest mouth and nose I’ve ever seen!!! She has my nose and her Daddy’s mouth which is, IMO, a winning combination.


My baby shower is tomorrow and I can’t wait to see all the gifts that our friends and family got for us to decorate her room and create a space for her. I know a few of the items we’ve received so far but to see it all together will just magical! It’s all coming together so fast and I’m overjoyed. Just a few short months ago I was stressed out that I wouldn’t find a house in time, I wouldn’t be able to provide her with a proper home and it just had me all hormonal but things have just fallen into place. I really have to thank my sister and her friends from the bottom of my heart. They’ve spent so much time and effort planning this shower to ensure that everything is perfect. I really am lucky to have my sister! She has informed me that I cannot have any more children for a few years now so she doesn’t have to do a shower again, she definitely stressed herself out. I believe she mentioned a vacation after the shower is over to recuperate.

I’m off now to finish my Friday by welcoming my Aunt and Uncle in tonight and my cousin tomorrow. I’ll post pictures from the shower after all is said and done!


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