#BookReview: Reclamations (BBS #3) by Wendi Kelly, Deborah Dorchak

The secrets of the past have been unearthed and with them, lives torn apart, exposed, and laid to waste. An ancient bloodline struggles to survive the chaos, violence and warped beliefs fostered over a hundred years.

Diego vowed to take care of Selene Flynn, bringing his enemy’s daughter into the Pack to assure her protection. No one knows what lengths the Senator will go to get her back, or the sacrifices Diego will make to keep her safe. The promise has been made and the Pack will pay the ultimate price in reclaiming what was lost. Devastation looms on the horizon and their lives will never be the same.

Selene’s destiny is tangled with the Prince Regent, Drew Cavanaugh. Both raised for one purpose: To provide an heir for the evil Tau Regency. Can she trust the dark haired stranger with the velvet voice, even though he was raised and trained by her father, Robert Flynn, or should she stay loyal to the Pack that has put their lives on the line for her?

Bitter enemies are thrown together in an age-old battle against time, power and evil.


Let me start of by saying this is by far my favorite book of the series as of yet. I’m currently reading book 4 so that could change.

As stated before with the first novel. I received an e-copy of this series in exchange for an honest review.

You hit the ground running with drama, chaos and excitement starting with the first paragraph. The stakes are higher and the consequences possibly more dire. The Pack just keeps getting stronger and stronger if that could even be possible. They’re adding members to ultimately create more than a Pack, they’re creating a bond that no person, shifter or spirit will be able to destroy.

Regina is really coming into her own and I could not be more proud. She’s becoming the person Diego and the readers could see in book one or rather I should say she’s finally seeing that person. Her strength and character are put to the test, will she succeed or will she burn out?

Harry is reconciling who he used to be and who is now but do the spirits have more in store for him? Will be able to accept it? How will it affect his relationship with Regina, his Pack?

Cole is Cole and completely flies off the pages in this book. He kicks ass and takes names. His confidence is stunning. What’s also heartwarming is the new side we get to see in Cole thanks to Angelina. She accepts him completely, allowing him to show all sides of himself and not just the bravado.

Diego is in for the fight of his life and it’s been in the making for over a century. How much will he sacrifice for his Pack? Who will suffer the consequences? Will it be enough?

Selene has been thrown for a loop and unfortunately for her it’s just the beginning. Will she rise above the way she was raised? Will she stay the good girl and do as her Daddy says or is this the moment that Selene faces the realities around her and perseveres? Who is this Drew Cavanaugh?  Does destiny really get the final say?

You feel the anxiety and emotion building as they all get ready for the battle of their lives. It’s intense, and with good reason. This battle changes everything. When you go to war things are never the same. People are lost, lives are destroyed and secrets are revealed.

The emotions flowing through of this book are very different than the first two for me. I felt more at ease and there was like this almost an acceptance from all the characters of who they were and what role they played in their Pack. It honestly felt like everyone was coming home. Wendi and Deborah are so talented and creative in the world they’ve created, I’m lucky to have been allowed to venture into this world and meet these amazing people.

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You can also buy each book and get up to date information on their website!


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