#BookReview:Legacies (BBS #4) by Wendi Kelly, Deborah Dorchak

Legacies. We create them with our lives. They tie us to the past and future, and sometimes, they are the chains we must break to ever find happiness.

Regina and her Pack now face some difficult choices. They stand on the verge of war, precariously balanced between the legacies their ancestors left them, and the hope of a bright new future—if they survive.

The bonds they forged and strengthened for generations are tested to the breaking point.

Will love or power triumph? Only time will tell.


As stated before with the first novel. I received an e-copy of this series in exchange for an honest review.

Get ready to UGLY CRY all over yourself while you read the final chapter of the Bonds of Blood and Spirit series, Legacies, by Wendi Kelly and Deborah Dorchak.

Where to even start! The energy and sense of anticipation throughout the book is just so very emotional. This is it, the final showdown. The fight between good and evil, love and hate. It’s about seeing both sides of the soul and accepting people for who they are, even when it breaks your heart.

The Pack and Pride have grown in a whole new way and have taken it to a completely new level. This group of shifters are more than family. They are bonded with blood and spirit. When you sit and think about that and you read this final book it really sinks in just what that means. Of course I’m not going to spoil it for you with what I think it means, go out and buy this series NOW and tell me you feel it too.

The revelations and secrets revealed just make you sit back and say DAMN!

Your favorite characters become even more special and you pick up a few new loves along the way. Regina and Harry were always my favorite couple through the series but that changed by this book. My new favorite couple was one you saw slowly coming together starting in Uncivil Wars and will make your heart burst when they finally come together.

Cole admits some truths to himself that you knew all along. He was worried the entire time it made him a horrible person when really it just made him “human”. I see such a great future for Cole now that he’s at peace with himself. He has a strong family foundation and can only succeed from here on out.

Regina has a major future ahead of her. She learns things about herself that have you flipping the pages with tears running down your face. The bombshells for her are all just so wonderful and help her heart grow and grow. Acceptance in yourself is so very powerful and it was beautiful to watch that happen for Regina.

Harry is and will always be the beginning and the end of this Pack. He is the Truth Speaker that holds the house together for his family. I almost want to call him the family historian. Always in Diego’s study learning about the past to protect the future. Harry is the calm in the storm.

Each character in this series plays such an important role. Large or small it has a lasting impact and in my opinion that’s exactly how you write your characters in any story. Everybody has a part to play.

I’m sad to see the series end but I know it isn’t the end for this characters. They will continue to live on and who know we may even catch a glimpse of them in the new series Wendy and Deborah are currently working on called Tau’s Pride.

As always you can visit Wendi, Deborah and the Pride on their Facebook page. Also check out their website and buy some books!!


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