Holy Crap, I’m in New Orleans!

I’ve known about the trip since I got back from maternity leave but actually being away from my baby is by far the hardest part of this trip.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying seeing a new city and experiencing something that I will never experience again but there is always an ache in my heart thinking my husband and my baby. I know they’re doing fine and the bonding experience for them is worth it but again my heart.

So far we’ve only seen the hotel, the local Walmart and the company office in Ellwood, LA but it’s been beautiful! So much green! This morning I awoke to thunder, lightening, rain and a tornado warning!! 

The humidity has been unreal! We walked to Walmart because the locals told us it was down the road. What they didn’t tell us was that we’d sweat to death in under 5 minutes and they don’t believe in crosswalks! I have watched people just walk into the middle of a high traffic road and the cars just stop?!? In Las Vegas you’d be a fatality on the nightly news.

It has been nice to bond more with my boss and people from other branches. I make the ladies I’m traveling with take selfie each day and I must say we’re fabulous!

Hopefully next week I’ll be able to give you all a better post on the week but for now here it is! Enjoy! 


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