Top 5 Books So Far….

I wanted to wait for the end of the year but decided screw it, I’m going to give you my TOP 5 BOOKS of the YEAR so far…..

I’ll admit I don’t get to read as much this year so I’ve been very picky about what I am reading. I feel like if I’m going to devote my time to a book it better be good. I’m going to leave out series in this list and save them for the year end. I’ve read some amazing series this year and they deserve their own post.

I’ll also let you know my year isn’t a calendar year. I’ll base the year starting last July 2015 when I found out I was pregnant. I read a lot during my pregnancy because I knew that it could be a long while before I got a chance to sit down, in peace, and read again.

And away we go!


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DUET FOR THREE HANDS BY TESS THOMPSON – I still think back on this book and enjoy it immensely! I actually came to know the author and have her other books on my TBR list. She’s an amazing woman with a kind heart and a gifted mind.


ELASTIC HEART BY MARY CATHERINE GEBHARD – With this book Mary Catherine proved herself to be one the best new authors to hit the market in long time. She’s raw, gritty and real. She also one of the most beautiful human beings I’ve had the pleasure of calling friend.


ABRUPTION BY RILEY MACKENZIE – I should not have read this book fresh home from the hospital with a newborn child laying next to me. It definitely caused sleepless night but it was one of the best book I’ve read this year. It was well written and opened my mind to new feelings. You need that in a good book.


THE COLOR OF OUR SKY BY AMITA TRASI – This book is just hands down beautiful. It has very graphic scenes and tells a story about how real life can be and how as a female in a village you have no rights to yourself, to your body. I’m obsessed with Indian culture currently so this was a must read for me. I could actually read this book every year and walk away with a new perspective each time.


THE STATUS OF ALL THINGS BY LIZ FENTON AND LISA STEINKE – My all time favorite. It hit home for me. It made me look at myself and other around me. Are we really all so focused on being perfect for social media we forget to live in the moment, in the here and now. This is a book for all ages and every person. Go read it NOW!

I hope you enjoy my list. I noticed going back and reading my reviews that my style has changed and I think I’ve grown stronger as a writer. I could also just be tooting my own horn, you tell me.


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