Gallbladder Blues

I’ve had gallbladder issues now for about 2-3 years. It started as what I thought was just a corn allergy and has ballooned to anything fried, nuts, seeds, pasta, red meat, dairy, etc. Needless to say, I’m on a very bland diet. I can’t have spices at this point either because the pain has become so intense it actually sent me to the ER last week. Did you know mustard was a spice?!?!

In October I plan to have all the ultrasounds, labwork, and whatnot done so I can have it removed and start a new chapter. I know I’ll still have to maintain a diet of healthy fats but once in a while I really want to get dirty and eat something that puts in me in a food coma. You all know what I’m talking about, those meals you know are bad but taste so good!


(Photo courtesy

I’ve talk to a few people about ox bile salts and am actually going to start that now. It helps you digest your food more easily and I could use the help.

I tell you all this to get to my main point. Last night I was drooling over pictures of food I couldn’t eat and my husband (the genius that he is) says “Hey, why not make a Top 10 list of foods you’re going to eat when your gallbladder is finally gone.” I got so excited!! YES, A LIST!! Why didn’t I think of that! I love food and list and now I get to type one up and make it all official!! SIGH…That man knows me well. I can make this list and slowly check it off when the cravings arise.

So here we go! In no particular order….

#1 A Cheeseburger with mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickle and an over easy egg. I don’t even need the bun.

#2 Blackened Chicken Alfredo with a side of Garlic Bread.

#3 A slice of cake and some ice cream with whip topping.

#4 All the Mexican food I can eat!

#5 Mac and Cheese.

#6 Dark Chocolate and Almonds.


#8 Popcorn…..mmmmmmm…

#9 Nachos with all the fixins’

#10 Chocolate Chip Cookies!


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