No #WaldoWednesday today

I’m so sorry but I have to have emergency gallbladder surgery today and was in no condition to post. I hope to have a post about my experience and a new book review for you all in a few days as I recover.

Gallbladder attacks are no joke and I am so relieved and grateful to have it gone and to be able to move forward pain free.


My Misadventure with Walmart &


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Last Saturday, 9/17/2016, I got an email about items on clearance and since I’m never one to pass up a good deal I looked on to see what they were offering. I found some cute leggings and a maxi skirt for less than twenty bucks, you can’t beat that!

Originally my items were supposed to be available for pick up from the store on Monday, 9/19/2016. I thought “Great, I can stop over after work!” By Monday afternoon my items were now scheduled for a Wednesday, 9/21/2016, pick-up. No big deal, it’s just a few extra days. I can still drop by and pick them up after work. Come Wednesday morning I get an email that my items will now be ready for pick up no later than Thursday, 9/29/2016.

Maybe it was just me, but at this point I’m not pleased. What is the issue? Continue reading “My Misadventure with Walmart &”


I truly hope you all enjoy #WaldoWednesday as much as I enjoy writing it each week.

This week I decided that in honor of International Day of Peace that I would find a quote to show that as human beings we’ve always, at any point in our history aspired for peace.


Right out of the gate….”Peace cannot be achieved through violence” and when you really think about that you have to agree that it rings true. When has violence or revenge ever resulted in peace and harmony? I know that in moments on anger we all want to react and inflict the same harm on others that we feel has been inflicted upon us but is that really the answer? When I’m upset I  do my best to step back and not spew out the anger words that I want to use to cause damage. The same should be done when thinking of committing violence against another. Do you feel good about yourself or the situation when you do harm? Does it solve anything?

“It can only be attained through understanding” What does it cost us to step back and try to look at a situation though someone else’s eyes? What would the world be like if we all stopped and acknowledged that through better understanding and communication that more problems could be solved? I understand the need to “make them pay”, I really do but I also think about it and who is really paying? The person or people that bought violence or the so many others that are just trying to live and provide for a family like so many of us do everyday.

I guess I’ll just leave you with what I believe. It is so much easier to hate than it is to love. Hate creates fear that incites violence. Love creates understanding that inspires peace.

I tried but just couldn’t……

I really didn’t want to write this post but I felt that I needed to because I usually only post reviews on books I’ve really enjoyed or at least liked enough.


Maybe you’ll see the books listed and like them enough to try them yourself or just take my opinion and not even try. The choice is yours! Continue reading “I tried but just couldn’t……”

6 Months Old!!

Can you believe it!! Emerson is 6 months old!


She’s on the verge of crawling. she’s got two teeth in and the third just broke through the gum. She says, “mamamamamamama” when she’s upset, whiny or tired. When she sees me, her Daddy or Gigi she’s quick to say “Hey” in the sweet little voice that melts you’re heart.

It’s all going by fast quickly but in the same breath some days seem longer than others.

She’s got this laugh that makes your heart swell. It makes her whole body shake. When I sing to her she smiles at me with her toothy grin like I’m the greatest singer in the world. When she’s really excited she lets out the high-pitch squeal that will break glass but I love it!

I honestly never imagined that having a child would bring so much joy and wonder to my life. I think more than anything that it’s this specific child that does it for me. I can’t imagine her being anyone else. I ask myself daily how I got so lucky to be able to be her Mommy.