(Photo Courtesy wordables.com)

It took me some time to decide on what quote to use today. I was going through the collection I have gathered over the years and this particular quote kept coming back to me again and again. Maybe it’s because I needed to read it and really think on it.

My actions during the course of the day, the month, even the year show people the come into and out of my life exactly who I am regardless of the words that come from my mouth.

Those closest to me each day are affected by my actions more than by my words. What I do or don’t do for them speaks volumes. Am I indifferent to them? Do I treat them with kindest through my actions? The answer is yes to both but not every day. After all I am human and we are a selfish species, one that often thinks of ourselves before others.

For me anymore it all circles back to being a parent now. What is my child seeing in my actions? What impact am I having on her on a daily basis? What will she learn by watching me? I want to make smart choices, I want to show her that it is better to be kind but to also stand up for yourself. That you can do both and still be respected. So much of everything I do, think and feel is wrapped up in how I am teaching this new person. It’s very overwhelming and on some days can cause me to not be the best person. My actions show my impatience or anger despite my words of everything is fine.

I challenge each of you today to keep watch on your actions and see if they match yours words. Are you two different people co-existing in one body without realizing it? Do you say one thing but have your actions contradict you?


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