Should I write a book and other ramblings….

I was talking with an author last night and this morning in my media group on Facebook. She gave some great advice on how and what to write about. She said to take what you’re passionate about and create your story from there. She said if she were to guess that JK Rowling was passionate about social injustice because of the theme in Harry Potter.


I never thought about any of this. I have just always tried to think of a story itself and go from there….I never get far. I’m horrible with detail and don’t always have the words I need to explain myself properly. I thought about it all night and kept coming back to something that I have always supported.

Equality, I’ve supported since before I knew what I was supporting. I grew up in a town where every walk of life exists. It never occurred to me that everyone wasn’t afforded the same rights. It wasn’t until I became a teenager and young adult that I began to see and hear that not everyone felt the same way I did. That there were people on this planet that hated others for daring to assume they deserved the same rights as they had and used religion and hate to further their agenda. I didn’t understand how religion could allow someone to hate another person. I didn’t come from a religious background so it made me draw farther away from any ideas of joining any church or organization that would promote such hostile and negative values. I’m straying from my original point for this blog but it is what it is and this is me. I babble and get side tracked.

Anyways, I also am obsessed with my child. I watch every move she makes and spend, what some might think is, too much time thinking about how to help her become the best she can be. She’s only 6 months old, will it just get worse as she gets older?

If I could combine my two passions I would like to write children’s stories on acceptance and equality. Teach our youth to ignore the hate that they see and hear as they grow and to always accept that every person alive is entitled to the same rights. Help them understand that while we might not always like the person or situation that it doesn’t matter, we can’t pick and choose. Keep them focused on human kindness and less on hatred.

Now that I know what I want to write, the hard part will be to write what I feel is original. What age group am I targeting? Should there be an age group or should it be for children of all ages?

I’m also wondering….when did I decide that I wanted to write any kind of book? I have a hard enough time writing a blog each day! I don’t even write each day anymore for my blog. I’ve gotten in the habit again of thinking that what I think or feel any given day isn’t worthy of a post. I’m mean honestly, who cares?!? We all have thoughts each day and don’t share them with our families and friends, let alone strangers on the internet. Unless of course we’re commenting on an article, then all bets are off and we can sometimes become the worse versions of ourselves. I’ve commented on things and had people tell me that my opinion ignorant and that I should….”die, shut the f#ck up, drop dead, f#ck off, quit being a sissy liberal, etc.” It’s not pretty. I’ll admit it, when that happens I get defensive and attack back. Did I start rambling again?!?!


Back to the topic. Do I write a long novel or short little stories with a moral? Or both? If I want to self- publish, where do I even start? If I wanted to send my story to a publishing company, where do I start? How much does it cost? Where would I find art for my books? Can I handle the rejection that’s going to come my way? Will anyone even read it? How do I market properly? Do I write under my real name? Am I over thinking it all?

I guess ultimately I’ll take the authors advice and just start by filling a page. She said you can’t edit what isn’t there and she’s got a point. So now I’m carrying around a notepad and plan to write it all down and transfer it to my computer as often as I can. I’ll send it to trusted friends and allies to edit and advise me. What’s important is that I’ll start. That’s what’s important. I may find that nothing will come of it and maybe I just create stories for my daughter and that’s ok. What will make me feel accomplished is that I tried.

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4 thoughts on “Should I write a book and other ramblings….

    1. Thank you for the advice, I’m an over thinker and know that’s exactly what I’m doing now.

      I plan to just start by putting words on paper and going from there, get my mind going and seeing where it takes me.


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