My Misadventure with Walmart &


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Last Saturday, 9/17/2016, I got an email about items on clearance and since I’m never one to pass up a good deal I looked on to see what they were offering. I found some cute leggings and a maxi skirt for less than twenty bucks, you can’t beat that!

Originally my items were supposed to be available for pick up from the store on Monday, 9/19/2016. I thought “Great, I can stop over after work!” By Monday afternoon my items were now scheduled for a Wednesday, 9/21/2016, pick-up. No big deal, it’s just a few extra days. I can still drop by and pick them up after work. Come Wednesday morning I get an email that my items will now be ready for pick up no later than Thursday, 9/29/2016.

Maybe it was just me, but at this point I’m not pleased. What is the issue?

I contacted Walmart on their Facebook page and voice my disappointment and was given the standard response on how sorry they were and they asked what store I was supposed to be picking up at, to which I told them. Not an hour after this response from Walmart two of my items were now available for pick up at said store. I was a little surprised that items that were still allegedly at the Texas warehouse had magically shown up in Nevada in less than an hour.


So last night after work I went to my local Walmart happy to finally be getting at least two of my three items. I should have held on to that happiness for another occasion. It turns out that no, those two items were not there at all but the elusive third item was….only I couldn’t have that item because it wasn’t in the system. That’s right, an item shipped from a Walmart warehouse wasn’t in the system of a Walmart store. I still don’t understand that at all. But because the item wasn’t in the system I was unable to take it home. The package had my name on it, the department manager verified my I.D. but couldn’t give me the item I had already paid for online 4 days earlier. She actually said “I have no idea what’s going on.” That really pissed my husband off but I just asked what I could do to fix it. She said I needed to call the 800 number and she would be calling as well. I have no idea if she did or not because I couldn’t stand around and wait, I needed to get home to my child.

It is now Thursday morning and I have been told by the person that responds to the Walmart facebook page to contact the “Dynamic Help” team and that my problems will be solved. If you’ve noticed the theme in this post you’ll know that this wasn’t going to be the case. I actually saved the chat and will post it below for you to read.


I will tell you the first agent was very helpful and had me a little less angry about the situation but after talking with the second agent I really wanted to reach through my computer screen and choke her. Customer service is something that Walmart is seriously lacking on a whole in general. The employees in the store are usually disgruntled and now I’m not pleased with the online service either.

AGENT 1: Thanks for chatting with! I’m DeVanise M. and I’ll be assisting you today.
AGENT 1: Hi Liz, I’m so sorry for this matter. I’m happy to try and get this handled for you. For security purposes can you please provide your full billing address? 
 Liz Wiley: XXXXXXX 
 AGENT 1: Thank you for this information.Please allow me a moment look into this order for you. 
 AGENT 1: I appreciate your patience. Per my internal system It does appear that the 
Faded Glory Women’s Capri Knit Color Jegging, Size: XL, Actual Color: Peach Floral and Faded Glory Women’s Capri Knit Color Jegging, Size: XL, Actual Color: Animal Print are currently ready for pick up at this time at the store. You are welcome to pick up the item whenever convenient for you. Please be sure to have you ID and order number at the time of pick up. It does appear that there may have been a delay within the store with the item being scanned in which is why you were unable to pick it up previously so sorry for this.
 AGENT 1: It do see that the Faded Glory Women’s Maxi Skirt with Side Slits, Size: XL, Actual Color: Black Soot1 in your order was set to ship out 9/19. 
 AGENT 1: It does appear that there may have been a delay in fulfilling this order. Please allow me just a moment to get you over to a senior agent who may be able to reach out to our fulfillment center in regards to this for you. 
 Liz Wiley: I was just there last night and the department manager told me they weren’t there. The maxi skirt was there but I couldn’t have it because her system didn’t have the order in it. She was holding the item with my name on it and I couldn’t have it 
 AGENT 1: Allow me a moment to look further into this for you as the store has currently updated the status as ready for pick up. I apologize for the inconvenience. 
 Liz Wiley: Thank you. Looking at it on my end it still shows that the maxi dress is processing and the jeggings are ready for pick up which wasn’t the case 
 AGENT 1: I appreciate your patience. This does appear to be a internal issue. Per the UPS tracking XXXXXXXX it does appear that the two previous items that I mentioned are currently in transit for delivery by end of day tomorrow 9/23. However they have been updated as ready for pick up. I definitely want to make sure this is taken care of for you. Allow me a moment to get you over to a senior agent who may be able to better assist with this matter. 
 Liz Wiley:     Thank  you 
 AGENT1: You’re welcome                
 AGENT1 has disconnected. 
 AGENT 2: Thanks for chatting with! I’m Michelle P. and I’ll be assisting you today. 
 AGENT 2: Thank you for holding. Please allow me a moment to read the above chat transcript, so I will be able to better assist you. 
 Liz  Wiley: Hello 
 Liz Wiley: ok 
 AGENT 2: Thank you for your patience. I am currently researching your inquiry. 
 Liz Wiley: Thank you, this has not been a great experience for me. It’s worse than my last try at ordering online with walmart 
 AGENT 2: Thank you very much for your patience. At this time I do show that your item that your ordered for Faded Glory Women’s Maxi Skirt with Side Slits, Size: XL, Actual Color: Black Soot1 is currently stuck in process. Your other two items are showing ready for pick up though which are items Faded Glory Women’s Capri Knit Color Jegging, Size: XL, Actual Color: Peach Floral and Faded Glory Women’s Capri Knit Color Jegging, Size: XL, Actual Color: Animal Print. 
 AGENT 2: For the maxi skirt that is currently stuck in processing what I can do for you is go ahead and get this escalated via my Fulfillment team to make sure that this order does get pushed through for you and shipped out. I do apologize for the delay in regards to this. 
 Liz Wiley: That’s weird because the maxi skirt is at the walmart but the department manager said I couldn’t have the item she was holding in her hand with my name on it because it wasn’t in her system and the other two items weren’t at her store at all 
 AGENT 2: Right I understand that; the reason they couldn’t release it is because it hasn’t been released on our end so I will get that escalated for you. 
 Liz Wiley: If you read the transcript above you would know that already and see that the previous person said we were experiencing an internal error and that the leggings were still being shipped and scheduled for delivery tomorrow 
 AGENT 2: Are there any other questions I can help you with today? 
 Liz Wiley: I’m really not happy at all at this point 
 Liz Wiley: Really? 
 Liz Wiley: Great customer service, I guess not. I’ll just call and speak to someone

I disconnected the chat after my last response because I was not happy and I was going to get obnoxious.

I feel that the second agent completely disregarded my anger and frustration at the situation and didn’t actually read anything. As I told her, had she read the transcript she would have seen that the previous agent had already explained the situation. I wasn’t sure why I was being transferred and expected the agent 2 to confirm what agent one said and to reassure me that this wasn’t a standard Walmart experience. That did not happen. I now will be calling the 800 number in the hopes of finding out what is actually happening at this point. I’m giving myself some time to cool down so I don’t lose it on the unsuspecting agent that will have the misfortune of taking my call.

Now many of you may read this and think I’m nuts or being over dramatic and that’s more than ok but customer service means a lot to me and when I’m on the receiving end of such horrible customer service it really just irritates me to no end. Tell me the truth. I’m much more understanding, I like I was with agent #1, when I get the truth. Placating me with canned responses just tells me that I’m not valued as a customer and I’m somehow inconveniencing you by expecting you to do your job.


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