#BookReview: Breaking Faith (The JackholeS #1) by Joy Eileen

Faith made the mistake of giving herself to someone who didn’t deserve her. After making the decision to leave him, she sought refuge at a bar full of loving misfits. The misfits accepted Faith without question, and now they protect her as if she is family.

While putting the pieces of her life back together, she fights to keep her broken heart from falling for the moody lead singer of the Jackholes. A man named Kill.

Killian has his own demons to battle, yet Faith brings out the singer’s protective side: a side he thought he’d buried long ago, to spare his battered heart.

All the while, Faith’s ex is having a hard time letting go.

Can Faith and Kill trust each other long enough to leave their pasts behind and find love? Will Faith break away from the controlling ex she thought she’d walked out on? Is the past too overpowering to allow anyone a chance at happiness?


I received this book from Joy Eileen in exchange for an honest review.

I feel like a Jackhole that it took me so long to read Breaking Faith by Joy Eileen. She gave me the book to read in January and I was SO excited!! I read the first few chapters then got caught up in moving, having a baby and well, life.

Anyways, with Surviving Faith the second book in the JackholeS series now out I had to get my ass in gear.

Let me just say this book was AWESOME!!!!!!! It’s real, funny, heartwarming and sarcastic. All qualities I adore in a book.

Faith is a victim. She escapes a relationship with a man that thought mentally and physically abusing her was completely acceptable. Raping her and cooking her breakfast the next morning was totally ok. Her life was not her own and she couldn’t say a word because he was charming and charismatic. Nobody knew the vile human being that lurked beneath the surface but Faith.

During the course of the story Faith spends her time trying to rebuild her life. She has two great girlfriends and a band that have made it their mission to protect her from her ex-fiancé, Jason.

I loved watching Faith find her spirit again. She stepped outside the box that Jason had placed her in, despite the fear and became a new version of herself.

Someone that helped her throughout the book is Kill, the lead singer of the JackholeS. Initially things are strained between the two because Kill believes Faith will break and run back to her ex.  Faith doesn’t like the fact that she’s attracted to a man she once again believes to be moody and domineering. While slowly becoming friends they both realize that maybe they’ve judged too soon, but is that enough?

Everyone warns Faith that Kill isn’t a relationship guy, he’s a one-night stand, someone you have fun with but that isn’t the person Faith has been spending her time with at all. Does she trust her intuition or the advice of those around her?

Joy Eileen has really created some amazing and complex characters in the series. Even the side characters have real stories that make you want to know more about them. I’m completely drawn into the world that Faith and The JackholeS live in and I can’t wait to read book two.


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