#BookReview:Tau’s Pride: Storms By Wendi Kelly and Deborah Dorchak

After the victory at the Valley Battle, the world grows more dangerous. The Pack’s noble sacrifices go unnoticed by the Innocents, many of whom sleepwalk through their daily lives. They have no idea the battle between Good and Evil is happening right under their noses.

Regina’s patch of happiness is crumbling. Nothing is turning out the way she had hoped and she has no idea how to fix any of it. A loving husband, a baby, and a Pack bound together by a sacred ritual magnify and multiply her problems.

Now, Regina must unite the Innocents and the Awakened, yet in order to change the world she must start with herself.


First off, thank you to Wendi and Deborah for sending me a copy of their latest book Tau’s Pride. In exchange for the honor of reading it no charge, I agreed to give an honest review.

Where do I even begin! The battle is over and there is finally peace, or is there? After any battle there is always the aftermath and it isn’t always what you expect. When you spend so many years and so much time fighting the enemy, what do you do when that enemy is gone?

Regina and her Pride, Pack….whatever they’re now to be called are learning that once the fighting has stopped the real battle begins. Each person in the family has a place but do they know that place or do they accept that place? Is there room for change? Will old feelings and insecurity destroy this new balance before it even has a chance to begin?

The new family that has been created is something never seen before but was prophesized and foretold to bring a new age. It seems like such a daunting undertaking and each player is uncertain of the role they play. They’re still trying to understand themselves and the people they love. How are they supposed to usher in a new age when they can’t even find peace at home?

Once you’ve learned what it is to completely love without boundaries is it easier to stay in that moment or run from it because it doesn’t seem real or doesn’t fit your past ideals? This is the question I feel that Regina and the Pride are having to answer in this spin off series of the Bonds of Blood and Spirit.

What does being the High King and Queen really mean for Regina and Cole? Is Harry really willing to play Beta to Cole? Are the Cavanaugh men content in their new roles? Where do Angelina and Selene fit? These are the questions that ran though my head as I read the book. Some questions were answers and some I’m still waiting on but I’m certain Wendi and Deborah have a plan. They always do!

I felt torn throughout the book. I understood where each character was coming from at any given time but that didn’t mean I had to like it or them. This latest book has opened up a whole new can of worms for Regina and crew. I actually think what the future holds will be harder for them than anything they’ve faced in the past, alone or together.

When I read the last page I didn’t even realize it was the last page and I was left with my jaw hanging open!  I wasn’t ready for the book to end but I can see events unfolding am excited to see how they play out. This is definitely a book you do not want to miss out on. I say this with each book but it might be my favorite book yet.


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